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  1. campcampcampfire skin campcampcampfire skin
  2. at this point wurt will have more skins than wormwood
  3. The Biggest Question Ever

    ok okers
  4. this is how you do fishing in a game!
  5. wtf wormwood is tier S+ waifu wtf its this
  6. Warly Infinite Cooked Food Bug

    THis is CAused BY THE DISPLAY FOOD VALUES MOD Disable that mod
  7. Ancient Fuelweaver: Bone Cage

    a exploit fixed is fine i wish they fixed the multiple dragonfly exploits
  8. @WhoSalty as you can see in the side by side comparasion that koreanwaffles did the new textures are different
  9. We found food in the water

    this is caused by the DISPLAY HUNGER VALUES MOD