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  1. something i think is op is he being able to recruit merms, and merms can atack in the night. Imagine killing a cave boss using merms or yeet another way to kill the bq.
  2. Perks 100 hunger / slower food drain x0.5 200 Sanity 150 health 15 % speed boost food have no healing effects / sleeping reduces sanity and food twice as normal sanity is restored half of the speed / food give half of sanity shadows do x1.5 dmg default dmg can see the health of others can heal others using sanity
  3. i fought two lvl 3 bishops for two shadow atriums instead of two rooks (it was super hard and me and my friends died)
  4. are wendy mains making jokes or what?
  5. afraid if losing health despite being easier to replenish than sanity or hunger?
  6. Wortox is unbalanced

    nobody: wortox op me:
  7. i Don't want this tread to die!. Never surrender
  8. you can place a bait surrounded by statues and make a nice spider farm