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  1. please someone make a mod !!!!WAR SADDLE DOES 1 MORE DAMAGE!!!!!! Depht worms does 1 lees damage
  2. klei is never gonna change this. beefalos are equal to phlegm
  3. Hamlet is not part of dst
  4. Ummm <2
  6. Why this is edible Makes poop also edible Gloomer poop is edible Eat poop is fine but human meat is wrong
  7. Dupe-A-Day!

    Lost in the sea
  8. Ban geni0529 for not being a junior member
  9. New skins

    We need skins for crafteable floors -dragonfly floor (bear fur skin) -wood floor (dark wood skin) -chess floor (real chess floor skin) - insert examples here-
  10. Petrified trees drop a lot of nitre just create súper huge forest far away your base 400 pine cones should be fine Also shhjhhhh no one cares about spelling
  11. Whirly fan is op Basically makes you immune to overheat if you have a tree near