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  1. OMG another thread hacked by Warbucks, is Warbucks the new Wes op
  2. OMG bee Wax it's super valuable why would You Make candles
  3. Wx No longer requires gears to upgrade. The Book "The end is night" targets mobs or players if there are no mobs. Willow rework 2. Wolfgang mighty animations can be canceled. Followers AI fixed.
  4. I think a good mob would be one that instead of hurting your health would reduce the durability of ligth items.
  5. But what's the point of fire falseto. Rot>fire falseto (rot has more uses)
  6. Fire falseto is useless even when killing enraged dragonfly. I personally would give Wigfrid a song that boost speed(maybe 10%), and also remove the sanity songs and replace them with a single use song that instantly gives inspiration, I know it may sounds wierd but think about it like "storing" inspiration, it could be really useful .
  7. You can farm multiple morsels using a single trap and a single rabbit, just kill the rabbit when the trap is doing the animation of catch. As any character that can mass farm spiders(webber/wendy) you can make a krampus/feather/morsel farm using a lot of bird traps(this is faster than using boomerangs because you don't scare birds when you kill them in your inventory). You can use a rabbit to trigger bramble traps and try to hit more enemies. A houndious shootius in a boat it's potentially the best place for a movable turret.
  8. The most important thing will be Wigfrid's idle animation
  9. Tbh I don't know why woodie's totems give hunger, when you transform you always have the wereme meter full .Everytime you revert back to the human form you're starving anyways. And from wormwood I would boost his ability to plant in general, maybe anything that wormwood plants gives a guaranteed additional seed. And bring back his downside of being flammable, that was super fun.
  10. Klei should stop focusing in the meta players and add fun stuff , this is not about difficulty.
  11. Klei entertainment cannot help you if you are using mods, ask the mods creators
  12. Yes I have been gone insane I think dying and resurecting using life giving amulets is faster than using compost wraps. The meta for healing is actually life giving amulets or tell tale hearts. Wormwood sanity and hunger is super easy to manage at the cost of his health