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  1. Can Wormwood plant 12 seeds easily in a single farm plot without using the tile grid mod?
  2. This is actually nice now that wormwoods ability to plant everywhere it's practically useless. However this still feels like abusing game mechanics
  3. I thought down means the plant it's absorbing the nutrients and up that the plant is giving nutrients to the soil
  4. You can farm multiple morsels using a single trap and a single rabbit, just kill the rabbit when the trap is doing the animation of catch. As any character that can mass farm spiders(webber/wendy) you can make a krampus/feather/morsel farm using a lot of bird traps(this is faster than using boomerangs because you don't scare birds when you kill them in your inventory). You can use a rabbit to trigger bramble traps and try to hit more enemies. A houndious shootius in a boat it's potentially the best place for a movable turret.
  5. Klei entertainment cannot help you if you are using mods, ask the mods creators
  6. My first fuelweaber kill was using three stacks of gunpowder and I falied in the first attempt
  7. I used to trap a lot of critters in the hopes of lag klei servers. Just play Webber and trap 8 stacks of killer bees and put them in a backpack, then drop said backpack in the florid postern and set it in fire and watch the bees explode
  8. The one that knows how to kite bee queen using wes balloons
  9. Why wormwood's bloom last for like 3 days. is even worth for klei to make wormwood skins??
  10. omg the new meta meme will be bat bat vs darksword