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  1. No response here in regards to saving my main world? On this forum, critical issues that effect everyone are dealt with swiftly - I praise your efforts in regards to this. I understand that investing time into helping people for case by case things is impractical. I have put in >2000 hours (probably more including the base game and shipwrecked + RoG). This game is good for goofing around, but cant be taken seriously with the late game getting killed by bugs. Leaving the game with a negative experience = Feelsbadman. But overall I definitely got my $$ worth, I just wanted to be able to complete the experience. Which brings me to the next bit of positive feedback, all the additional content as we go has been awesome, good work keeping people interested and challenged. I will probably play a little bit more to get that one last trophy to get platinum. I guess my mistake was purchasing it on PS4, where the bugs ruin late game progress and experience. Next time I buy similarity developed games it will have to be on PC. Guess its time to retire this game. It has been fun, Klei, thanks for making a great game. Best regards, - B
  2. Hello! I have a sinking feeling... that I am screwed. I was really excited about the 'A New Reign' content, particularly the ability to fight your way to being able to regenerate the ruins. However on my now 750+ day mega base world I have reached a point where I have concluded that the Labyrinth has generated in an inaccessible part of the map: 1. I have followed the edges, and filled in all the area on the cave/ ruin map - with moggles, using the Lazy Explorer in the hope of being able to telepoof to somewhere. 2. I have checked all 11 (+1) of the tentacle wormholes in my caves world, all link up to others within the main cave, bar one that goes to the area you can regenerate the ruins. 3. I have done all of the above to the area where you regenerate the ruins, no luck. 4. Finally, for all of this I have used the medallion that shows you where the ancient key (and thus the Minotaur) is - and this is outside f the playable map - following on from the direction that the ruins spreads from the central point. My questions are: 1. Is it possible that I am missing something? I can provide screenshots if requested. 2. Is it possible to fix this in my world if the world gen failed? 3. If the above two are 'no goes', can I somehow delete my caves/ ruins and start that from scratch maintaining my surface world? I would be happy to provide my latest save data if it is possible. I type this in desperation, I am not sure if I can go through another mega-base attempt, I have tried many and failed most due to my actions (such as species extinction, unique resource destruction). This time to have done so well, to get nailed by the world gen... makes me a tad salty to say the least. Help! - B
  3. Thank you @CharlesB, you have made my day .... and weekend. This is a game that keeps rewarding, with new content and excellent support. Hope you have a great weekend, - B
  4. In game I just danced for a solid minute! Good luck CharlesB, and thanks again! Note to other players out there, the lack of caves for now dedicated me to training my first Ornery Beefalo! : ) - B
  5. @CharlesB I hope this is the file you requested (attached). Thanks to you and your fellow dev's for your dedication and support to us ravenous DST fans, - B
  6. Hiya CharlesB, Apologies is my post was not as clear as it could be - I am a forum scrub! To clarify, there was never an option to report the error to Sony - as Felix-The-Ghost clarified, the error message in game is, ""the server you are playing on is unavailable at this time". I play online, not split screen, and my world has never had any visitors. I was setting up this world for hitting raid bosses with friends next weekend : ) I want to reiterate for when you look at my file attached later, almost every time I log into the world I have the cave entrances blocked and cannot go down at all. Sometimes I can get in when I have just logged in, but this is quickly followed by the blockages appearing off-screen, or if I am in the caves the 'crash'. I am such a scrub that I do not have a USB storage device at home, so I will pick one up on my travels today and then follow your instructions to attach the relevant PS4 zipped files. BBS '2 hours later' I decided it would be more useful to actually post with the file so went AFK not posting : ) I have attached the file in the bug report tracker PS4 forum, good luck CharlesB! - B
  7. Hiya Chenca, My assumption is that we hopefully will hear back from the dev's within 24 hours - allowing for the earth being a globe thing. I have a query for you though - if you come out of the caves, log out, then log back in... do you then have 'roots' or 'something' blocking the entrance to your caves? Now all my cave entrances are blocked. Sorry to hear you have the same issue, I hope for both our sake's its fixable! I also now realise that this maybe should have gone in the bug thread? - B
  8. Hello friendly and helpful developers, Since this update was released (122) I am having some major crashes in my PS4 650+ day mega base world. From what I can tell, the crash only occured in the caves but happens every 5 minutes or so. For a brief while all my servers were not accessible, showing a question mark over the world name. Now, I can get back in the worlds, but the cave entrances' are blocked by roots or something. Amusingly WX states, "Error, Don't want to", when investigating the blockage/ trying to enter caves. It all could be a nasty coincidence however, as I happen to be investigating if my labyrinth is only accessible by tenta-hole, as it is not directly connected to the ruins. I had the bright idea to make a thulacite medallion which showed the ancient key was miles out of my cave worlds main biomes - which I have completely explored the caves/ ruins edges. Maybe revealing the labyrinth/ guardian is bugged out has caused the problem? Maybe its the new update, as the crashes only occurred post update? Either way, losing my mega-base world would be tragic - please help! - B