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  1. I'm gonna try this for the last time. Can you address this issue? At least can you reproduce it?
  2. Dear developers, this bug has been reported from 5 different people on this forum since Christmas. Could you at least acknoledge this bug or just say to us '**** you! We don't care about you!' and we will move on (meaning returning the game). We paid for this game and it does not work! I'd like to know if anyone is looking into this. Thank you
  3. I have the very same issue. Also a Mac version.
  4. Hi, I am facing similar issue. If I hold the left button for approx. 0.5 sec the game registers a click but it makes it unplayable. Can you give it a try? I filed the bug here
  5. Hi, I am facing similar issue, I filed the bug here.
  6. Hello, I am facing very weird bug. It is affecting the whole game even in game menu. I have to hold left mouse button on controls so the game registers my click. It has to be at lease 0,5 sec long press. It makes the game unplayable. I bought the game on Steam and I play it in my macbook. I behaves the same regardless I use trackpad or mouse (bluetooth Logitech). I searched though the menu if there is any option to change this behavious, I check my mouse/trackpad settings and it's all set to default. I am not facing this issue in another game. I tried to delete and reinstall the game, restart system but nothing helped. I found out that if I hover over the control and press enter it register the click immediately but it's cumbersome to play like this. Thank you.