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  1. Wkd that's awesome I was hoping u guys would let that happen and thank u for getting back to me Also will we be able 2 buy skin set from u at somepoint :] Just be nice for all of us 2 buy them so it helps u make more cool stuff for are beloved game :]:] oh and i know this is abit difficult but is there anyway us console players could get some sort of geometric placement or something on that note :] thanks again
  2. @CharlesB can I trap clay varg and keep it like we can a normal one ??
  3. Mcmarkyd is my user name i have the v for vendetta mask profile pic
  4. I unrivalled everything i had has i treaded in 18 crappy skins I was saving to not get one of the event chests so I don't know if we get them or not but it's time to save as out of all the things we can get a crockpot skin and chest skin is all I want...
  5. Reskin fur roll i had 2 of them Thought a pic would help Update wkd by the way :]:]:] just a shame we cant weave crockpots. _ . But no matter roll on events when we can ill the 1400 spools i have :]:] Save Nope only bug i have found... And i have been looking and tryin odd thing just 2 see if i can help smooth this update out so we give klei [EG me] a break
  6. I am sorry for all the ****.. Im from the uk so what can i say :] u have done us all proud and know we all are grateful of ur time spent giving us the game that u pour ur time and heart into if i could buy u all a nice cold one to say thanks i would :] Hahahahhaha Im Soo sorry but goor Tried to unweave
  7. Thank u ever so muck :]:] I know iv beeeen a moan but im happy so far decoration eg festive bulbs :]:] 2 in one event :]:] Nice touch




  12. Update for ps4 time frame 

  13. More skins for ps4? Better quality of living 4 late game 2000K+ as its a grind, give us something even if we pay money 4 ur hard work making compatible with console we would spend 

  14. Yes I have reported it to Sony a Few times I will screen shot the error code for u!! I can start up a new World just fine just when I go to play my 959 day world keeps loading and then crashes game!! My PS4 user name is mcmarkyd....
  15. Please can I have an update to this prob...... really want to continue my world and hit 1000 days all of the time spent killing toadstool on my own to get 6 glowcaps and two of the hats all my dragon chests and think fur and eye balls just feel so gutted as the back up save u put into the game Hasn't worked for me.... if there is a fix can u let me know as really Don't want to Start a new world coz I'll lose all my stuff......
  16. Had someone join my game and was in caves was away from my bace come come back to find it was barnt down rolled back 5 days now every time I go to load my 959 day world crashes the game plz help as lots of time spent