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  1. Wkd that's awesome I was hoping u guys would let that happen and thank u for getting back to me Also will we be able 2 buy skin set from u at somepoint :] Just be nice for all of us 2 buy them so it helps u make more cool stuff for are beloved game :]:] oh and i know this is abit difficult but is there anyway us console players could get some sort of geometric placement or something on that note :] thanks again
  2. @CharlesB can I trap clay varg and keep it like we can a normal one ??
  3. Mcmarkyd is my user name i have the v for vendetta mask profile pic
  4. I unrivalled everything i had has i treaded in 18 crappy skins I was saving to not get one of the event chests so I don't know if we get them or not but it's time to save as out of all the things we can get a crockpot skin and chest skin is all I want...
  5. Reskin fur roll i had 2 of them Thought a pic would help Update wkd by the way :]:]:] just a shame we cant weave crockpots. _ . But no matter roll on events when we can ill the 1400 spools i have :]:] Save Nope only bug i have found... And i have been looking and tryin odd thing just 2 see if i can help smooth this update out so we give klei [EG me] a break
  6. I am sorry for all the ****.. Im from the uk so what can i say :] u have done us all proud and know we all are grateful of ur time spent giving us the game that u pour ur time and heart into if i could buy u all a nice cold one to say thanks i would :] Hahahahhaha Im Soo sorry but goor Tried to unweave
  7. Thank u ever so muck :]:] I know iv beeeen a moan but im happy so far decoration eg festive bulbs :]:] 2 in one event :]:] Nice touch




  12. Update for ps4 time frame 

  13. More skins for ps4? Better quality of living 4 late game 2000K+ as its a grind, give us something even if we pay money 4 ur hard work making compatible with console we would spend