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  1. Observations: Things that don't seem to be working right: Builders are Digging, even when there are Building tasks and blocks being dug are not related to any Building project. Diggers don't prioritize building projects over miscellaneous digging, so Digging and Builders don't compliment each other. Dupes assigned to Tidy will not actually pick up anything unless they are also assigned to Supplying (specifically, they will not pick up anything and "deliver it" to storage containers). Things that seem to be designed to be annoying: Dupes still prefer negative status (water and other hostile environments) pathing, even when safe and dry routes are available. Dupes still regularly strand themselves while Digging, because they will needlessly climb on top of Digging projects, rather than stand and dig from planned and built pathways. The game is becoming needlessly complicated and, instead of being light hearted with "deceptive simplicity", is becoming actually laborious and a tad over complicated. Jobs Update, overall, seems like a solid idea, just with an incomplete/imperfect (see above examples) implementation. Too much of the game's "difficulty" still depends on the Dupes being stupid, however, and players are punished for this rather than for their own mistakes. The heavy handedness of unhappiness and sickness has been lifted, but the design issues of the difficulty of getting the Dupes to do things useful in their environment still remains. I'd much rather have the heavy handed costs and be free of brain damaged of the Dupes, except if, for example, I knew that the Dupes were were specifically stupid (as in they had a negative Trait "Foolish" or "Foolhardy"). Also, a few ideas and nitpicks intended to improve quality of life and gameplay: The shuffling through Dupe creation is annoying. Can we please streamline Dupe creation? Pick which Dupes you want (by name: ex Nisbet, Meep, etc.). The game generates randomize positive and negative traits, possibly let player pick one, but each positive trait comes with specific negative traits... All skills start at 0, and Dupes progress through jobs, or, alternatively, their skills depend on the Duplicant specifically. Make the survival aspect of the game both simpler but more rigorous? Get this: Boiling water is neither complicated nor hard. The only challenge should be scale. Polluted Dirt (Duplicant Waste) and Polluted Water should create Polluted Oxygen (serious bad), Fertilizer (basic and useful), and Dirt (basic and the whole "conservation of matter" science thing). Some things, especially if they are simple, should not require research, for example: the whole recycling Polluted Dirt above, since humans have been doing it since time immemorial. Continuing on the "more rigorous" idea, food sciences is missing from the game... add it? If a crop requires more to cultivate domestically than it does in the wild, then it wouldn't have been growing in the wild in the first place. Skill (job) and science (research) should have almost as much to do with food quality as the food itself, though, of course, there are limits (meal lice will always be kind of gross, no matter how well it's garnished). Slapping something into the ground might grow into something technically "edible", but making food safe and filling could (and should) require research. Certain Fauna could be more numerous and necessary to deal with but also provide poor quality food (ex: Morbs). The game is ostensibly supposed to be "survive a hostile environment with a group of quirky cloned adventurers", right? If they are going to be civilized, could Duplicants prioritize cleaning built up (tiled) areas first? Enjoying the game so far. Thanks for the read and the game. -Fist-
  2. Shine bugs in base flew into water tank through the manual water bottler, then after flying around aimlessly above the water, pathed into the water and drowned.
  3. Hatch eats from ration box

    I've had the same problem.
  4. Yeah, I wondered what that field was. It's not in the description, though. I think it's an interesting idea that's taking things a bit too far, like it's telling me how to play the game. If I want to build a bathroom near my medical facility, then great. If I'm willing to deal with the time loss and don't want to, that's also my choice. If this is what they want to do, then stop letting Dupes run all over the place to work.
  5. That's the dumbest thing I've heard. :/ They can build, dig, get stuff to eat, and everything else, but they can't go up one flight to go to the bathroom. Also, not in the description.
  6. Have Dupes in bed recovering from Slimelung. When their bladders get full, they don't get out of bed to go to the toilet, so they Make a Mess, even when a Lavatory is available.