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  1. Willow

    I get where you're coming from, @Commissar Oscar, but no one plays her anymore. Why? She sucks. She's boring, her abilities are situational, her lighter might as well not exist, and the teddy bear is something I literally can't muster up the energy to give a damn about one way or another. LOL I appreciate your feedback, but you literally didn't address anything that was posted. Could you please address the suggested changes? EDIT: See, there are only two rationales for changes to Willow 1) People were using Willow to grief... but literally everyone can grief, and it costs very little, so, I'm sorry, that's a terribly stupid reason to change Willow. 2) Willow's negatives were too disruptive. This at least is a somewhat rational argument for changing Willow, but Willow was a difficult character to play, with an interesting and quirky upside. Now she has benefits that are, at best, situational, and, at worst, redundant or stupid. And her downside went from situationally bad (for noobs) to just annoying (in general). Her freezing weakness is just a poor mechanic. And, just throwing ideas up against the wall, I strongly believe that some of the suggested alternatives are FAR better than the current one.
  2. Willow

    Yeah, I'd like to see something, anything, from Klei on this topic. They can't think that "Willow is fine." can they?
  3. Ah... I'm still going to have to ask the Devs to try to use their coding powers to make the game rational. Dups should use the closest compactor for the stuff they are carrying. Any other solution is stupid. PS - Just tested, nope, Dupe that was near the bottom of my base when I issued sweep command is still carrying material to the compactors at the top of my base... This is derp level stuff... :/
  4. How dupes select which storage compactor has absolutely no relationship to which ones are closest to the stuff they are cleaning up. They waste time going all the way across bases in order to store things, ignoring storage compactors with exactly the same storage requirements. It seems to be related to how old the compactor was built, favoring older compactors, for some reason. Please fix.
  5. Willow

    That'd be an acceptable alternative, though it seems fairly tame. Probably would have to be one element of a larger system of pyromania.
  6. Willow

    I've considered that option, @ZorrerTheZmith. I don't like it only because it doesn't really say to me "Willow is a pyromaniac". I'd like for her weakness to be related to "neurotic obsession with fire", if not "compulsive starting of fire". And while the idea of her losing sanity faster when cold isn't bad, and would actually be a reasonable weakness, in my mind, it could apply to anyone that just hates being cold, not necessarily a pyromaniac. Granted, it's still a better weakness than what's Willow's got now, so I'd take it. I really like the idea of torches burning up faster, though. Maybe a brighter burn, but they burn two to four times as fast, making her infinite Lighter a much better option, long term, yeah. She could go "Tee hee!", "Oops!", or "Burn burn!" every time a Torch flares brightly, because she's burning them out so fast.
  7. Willow

    Thanks for the feedback, guys. As I've posted, I'm not a fan of cooking on the lighter, and if it stands between Willow's Lighter being free of durability, it's one of the first things I'm going to ditch and happily. Have I used it in this function? Yes. Did I ever go "I wish I could cook on my lighter!" before Willow's nerf? Nope, not even once. I still think it's a stupid idea, and, post getting a base up (eg: Fire Pits and Crock Pots), it's totally obsolete. That said, if Willow's Lighter can be changed to be free of durability (and the other changes are made to make her not a totally worthless character), but the ability to cook on the Lighter remains, I am fine with that, though I will always think it's a stupid power. My goal is to #MakeWillowGreatAgain. I've thrown ideas out there that would make Willow fun to play, playing up her pyromania and her obsession with fire and her Lighter. I know where people are coming from with wanting her Lighter to have more light (and I'm fine if Klei would buff it to that point, too), but I'd take free of durability over bigger light radius any day of the week. If it means I have to be more careful bumping around in the dark with Willow, I'm perfectly fine with that. Everyone that mained Willow pretty much learned to be careful running around in the dark to begin with (love running into spider nests in the dark, am I rite!?). @ZorrerTheZmith, I really dig your idea with the Lighter being a "conduit" for her pyrotechnic ability, like Lucy the Axe is a "conduit" for Woodie's "werebeaver" thing, or books are a "conduit" for Wickerbottom's librarian witchcraft". Willow's Lighter really ought to be exclusive to Willow. I believe this so much so that I'd be willing to give up the use of Torches just to have Willow's Lighter to be exclusive and free of durability for balance issues. Her fire immunity, I believe, is something I think there is wide agreement on. I don't think heat immunity is necessary, though I really like the argument made for it, and it seems like an interesting trade off (easier Summer, harder Winter), though the opposite argument could also be made. I'm fine having to build Endothermic Fires to keep cool if Fire Immunity is restored. Now, about her firestarting... I really don't know what people are talking about when they say "pros". It's called knowing how to play the game. Do you know how to manage Sanity? Do you know how to build a Fling-o-Matic? Then, congrats, because, apparently, you're a "pro" at playing DST... not sure how you get paid to play DST, but that's what people are saying. I have suggested a lot of different ways her firestarting can be reimplemented without being such a dirtbag punishment, but let's look at how fires work in the game right now. 1) Fires spread very slowly. 2) Fire spread can be turned off via modding. 3) Fire protection can be turned on via modding. 4) Fling-O-Matics is a 100% protection from base fires. 5) Klei needs to put warnings on the characters that are hard to play. Willow is hard to play. Now, as far as her sanity not causing her to definitely freeze to death? @Weird Wanderer makes a fair point, but Winter and Spring and early Summer and much of Autumn, rain is 100% going to happen, and it's going to happen a lot. It does also rain in the middle and late Summer. Willow's weakness makes rain extremely dangerous, because it causes the problem that can kill her and then proceeds to kill her. And rain happens a lot more than wild fires ever will. As I said before, it's still easier to just use a Thermal Stone to keep warm, and not have to deal with the constant nightmare attacks. I built a fridge specifically for thermal stones in Summer. In any respect, her weakness is really ridiculous, especially when we consider that no other character has any such direct low Sanity downsides. Other characters negatives affect Sanity (or Hunger or Health). Their loss of Sanity does not further negatively affect the character. But let's look at the potential replacements. What if, as a Pyromaniac, she instead loses Sanity when NOT holding her Lighter (or other fire) or near things she qualifies as fire (cooking Crock Pot, Fire Pit, Endothermic Fire, etc.)? I don't particularly like it, but it would fit better with her pyromania than what she's got now.
  8. Willow

    @klei, you know Willow's play statistics, including how long she's played by players and their playtimes. If Willow's numbers are trending below the other characters, then you have all the information you need to know Willow's broken. She went from one of the MOST played characters to one of the least. If I'm wrong, hey, I'm wrong. You have the data. I don't. But if I'm right, and I believe from basic observations on different servers that I am, all I'm asking you to do is #MakeWillowGreatAgain. I believe I've provided a fair framework for her restoration. I don't see a lot of resistance to these ideas except for the fire starting, which is, yes, controversial, however, the fire mechanics in the game are drastically different than they were, and fire mods abound. I've also presented alternatives that restore "the Firestarter" to someone that actually starts fires in ways that don't necessarily cause havoc and destruction. Either or, if players are working together and helping other players manage their needs (like they are supposed to), then Willow's fire starting negatives shouldn't really be an issue. Willow was one of the best and HARDEST characters to survive with. The greatest challenge Willow suffers is that many players just don't want a character to be hard, and Willow was hard. It also didn't help that a lot of trolls and, sorry not sorry, just plain stupid people played her (the kind that set fires just to set fires, whether or not they intended to cause harm). Most of those people don't even play DST anymore, or video games of any kind, I imagine. Too many people picked Willow because "she was cute", without any clue how hard she was to play. Part of that was YOUR fault, klei, for not putting a warning that she was deceptively hard character to survive with, and not for the feint of heart or stupid of head. Now she's just boring and bad. Please. Do the right thing. Make Willow Great Again.
  9. Willow

    Ah, no. You don't seem to understand how Sanity loss works in the game. During Dusk and Night, Sanity drains at 5 Sanity per minute, not a percentage basis. Between Wes and Willow, if neither does anything to deal with sanity drain, Willow will go insane first, every time, all things being equal. Why? Because Willow can lose 102 Sanity, then she goes insane. Wes can lose 127 Sanity, before going insane. Go ahead and test it, you'll find that I'm right 100% of the time on this. Solution. Carry food with you. No, seriously, you can do this. Yeah, Wes has to eat food more steadily, but, again, ONE KOALAFANT will be enough to keep him alive for days. Combine Wes with practically any of the strong characters (eg: Wolfgang or Wigfrid, especially since she doesn't eat anything that isn't meat) and it's a completely irrelevant point. Uh, practically every character in the game, except for Wolfgang and Wigfrid, has trouble facetanking any boss. I'm not sure arguing a really dumb way to fight bosses proves your point, or provides any useful point of comparison. Klei didn't design bosses for players to try to face tank them. I'm not sure you understand how logical arguments work. Those are all points that describe how Willow's abilities are objectively obsolete early in the game (you haven't refuted) or aren't particularly useful (you also haven't refuted). Not sure why anyone would play DST PVP. It's like playing Legos PVP, in my opinion. It's almost a non-sequitur. You've never played her. Also, "almost nonexistent" isn't the same thing as "nonexistent". That's not a refutation, it's a deflection. The same defense can be made of practically every character's weaknesses, but doesn't make the statement "her weakness can kill her" any less true. You haven't played her. Please, dude, now you're just trying to appeal to authority. 1) Your "source" doesn't know what they're talking about. She begins to lose body temperature as soon as she's "insane". She will continue to lose body temperature until she begins to freeze to death, until her sanity raises above insanity or she stands next to a fire. 2) She can and will freeze to death in Summer. Yes, you don't overheat... because you're freezing to death. That's what "cannot maintain body heat" means. If you mean Willow can do this little dance of going insane, lowering her body temperature dangerously, then go sane again, and use that to control her temperature? Sure, you can do that. It's a ridiculously overcomplicated way to deal with heat, but yes, you can do that. OR... you could just carry a thermal stone like everyone else, and not have to waste time juggling Sanity. Reread what I wrote, instead of skimming past it or dismissing it. You don't main Willow, so you really don't know what you're talking about. If you did, you'd know what I was talking about. Willow used to be one of the best cavers in the game. Now she's terrible at it. Better than the guy that gets free beard hair, gains sanity when he farms that beard hair, free insulation in winter while growing that beard hair, and has no weaknesses, let alone one that actually threatens his life? Sure, dude. Willow is better than Wilson... except she has a piece of obsolete gear not worth remaking and inferior to basic torches, a fairly useless resistance that may reduce fire damage she takes by single digits over the course of 100 days in game, a gimmick bear to fight already easy to fight nightmare creatures, even though Wigfrid is also objectively better at farming nightmare creatures and doesn't have to do so while standing next to a fire pit just to not die, and she also has weakness that can literally kill her, complicating ANY fight involving an insanity aura. Why? Because guys who don't main her, or even really know how to play her, think she's "fine". Either or, thanks for the feedback, but you and I both know we're going to have to agree to disagree. One of us plays Willow. The other tinkers with her.
  10. Willow

    Wes has 113 Hunger and Health, but 150 Sanity (more than Willow, who has 120). His hunger, even though it drains 25% faster, is quickly irrelevant to any player who isn't new or incompetent. I successfully build bases that can feed between 2 to 3 players easily, so if Wes's hunger mechanics are going to kill you, then you were probably going to die anyway. Wes does 25% less damage. Okay, but he still has more HP than Maxwell (75), and while this adds a little challenge to Wes, it merely just extends the length of a battle, not really make it any more dangerous. Willow's lighter is IRRELEVANT as a bonus, again, it is obsolete as soon as she puts down a Fire Pit, and is inferior to a torch. And building a Miner's Hat or a Lantern makes her lighter totally obsolete. It is literally a weak torch that has very little point in replacing, and saves you the effort of using two twigs and two cut grass (to make a torch). Willow's fire "resistance" comes into play exactly how often? In two boss fights, and only marginally? Sure, it's a bonus, but it's marginal. Bernie is arguably her only good "perk". Yes, it makes farming shadow monsters easier, but it's not like it was really that hard. Also, she has to be insane, thus putting herself into danger in order to use it. Her weakness directly causes her to die, yes, including in Summer. Hers is the only weakness of all the characters that poses a direct threat to her life. That's hardly balanced out by a Lighter that's obsolete by the first Hound Wave or a bear that tanks easy to manage shadow creatures or a very situational and weak fire resistance. That's one irrelevant bonus and two situational bonuses for a life threatening weakness, one of which is only useful when she's insane enough to be in danger of freezing. Also, it makes the caves very dangerous for her, making extended fights, such as Toad or Guardian and Nightmare Cycles difficult, because her Sanity draining could lead to death, completely unconnected to the threat posed by being in the caves and the monsters themselves. Wes's weaknesses don't exacerbate caves, cave fights, or even boss fights. Could you make a case that Wes is "harder" to play than Willow? Sure, you probably could, but I think I've made my case that, at the very least, Willow is not much better off than Wes, so the use of the words "on par with" isn't necessarily far off the mark. I do appreciate the feedback.
  11. Exactly what I'm saying. Should just be a table. If it's in someone's room (if someone is building rooms for their dupes, that's awesome, and I've considered it), then just limit access via the doors.
  12. I can "assign" dupes to mess tables by assigning who can access what mess halls via the doors. As it is now. I have a mess hall with 8 chairs, most of which sit empty during any given time... Minibases could be created by simply placing doors between areas, restricting access. Assigning beds makes sense. Assigning mess tables does not.
  13. Why does a mess table have to be assigned? Why can't the dupes treat mess tables like mess tables, or a cafeteria and just sit where there's a free table?
  14. Willow

    I appreciate your feedback, but let's step back and look at what you're saying... Basically, you seem to agree that Willow's abilities are useful for basically the first 3-5 days of play, but then drop off, right? Because that's what I'm getting from your post. Her ability to cook food with the lighter is redundant to Firepits and made almost totally obsolete by Crock Pots. Her light source, the weakest in the game, is made obsolete by Mining Hats and Lanterns. Both of those I've asserted as problems. After you have a Crock Pot (by day 7-10), why would you ever need to "cook food" ever again, and why would you NOT use a Fire Pit, since you have to be by it at night anyway? For 2 of the most challenging seasons, long nights and then constant wetness make her weakness (freezing to death) even more dangerous, and it remains dangerous all other seasons and when in the caves. In summer, you're suggesting Willow players run around insane all the time? Even if we disregard the fact that tunning around permanently insane is not only not a feasible strategy for any character, let alone Willow, you don't seem to understand that Willow can and will freeze to death in Summer, too. Not to mention Willow went from one of the strongest Cave explorers to the absolute weakest, because the constant Sanity drain in caves constantly imperils her safety. I think it's kind of obvious that you don't play Willow very much, if at all, because all of this theory crafting is what I'd expect from someone that doesn't have much experience actually playing her, and I don't blame you, because most people don't now since she sucks pretty badly (on par with Wes). I suggest you go play Willow and try to survive an entire year without raising her Sanity above 30 and never standing near Fire Pits for heat, because, by your theory, you won't need them. I think you really should experience what you're suggesting first, because you don't seem to have an accurate grasp of her mechanics and drawbacks. -Fist-
  15. Are you playing on servers that are Endless, OP? And are you playing on dedicated servers or just hosted servers? There's a difference.