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  1. Could there be an option that let's us check out how much time left exactly for the next twitch drop
  2. Its funny how you completely ignored the fact that he started by yelling swear words, that's how I react to rude people, so if it's toxic so be it.
  3. Twisted dagger is so bad it shouldn't even be an elegant
  4. Also this, but I don't know if it's intended
  5. Expecting to get the same treatment from bfb as Webber
  6. Looks real good. Do I need to enter the command each time I launch DST or am I good for now
  7. Wilson is doing that because Willow is a dangerous character, as we can see, Wilson is trying to give you a taste of your own medicine to teach you a lesson, keep the lighter away. I'm sorry but the only solution is to not play Willow