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  1. Its funny how you completely ignored the fact that he started by yelling swear words, that's how I react to rude people, so if it's toxic so be it.
  2. Twisted dagger is so bad it shouldn't even be an elegant
  3. Walter quote to max is " hi Mr. %s! Woby, stop growling at him!". Suggesting that maxwell might be the one responsible for dragging WOBY and her owner to the constant, which means before ROT. Or maybe she can just sense he is a jerk
  4. A penalty for overfeeding your character, like reducing sanity or just making food provide no benefits, this would prevent you from spamming healing/sanity food items
  5. Inb4 woby digs underground and hides like crabs from Sw to prevent her death
  6. What if he wasnt related to woodie at all and he just came across woodie's cabin while he was exploring after woodie got sucked in