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  1. We still can't access our characters. Unfortunately we've stopped playing the game until we can. Don't want to start a new game and have progress be erased again. We wouldn't mind reverting to the old version in order to continue our 200+ day game. It's a shame that this auto-updated with no warning.
  2. Long-time player, first-time poster. Love the game, thanks for all the fun, etc. My daughter and I have a 210-day 2-player co-op game that we play locally on split-screen. All was well until we updated from 108 to 110 recently, and now when we start that game we are given the choice to choose a new character. I'm assuming that our base is still intact, but losing all character state would be devastating! We each have walking canes, eyebrellas, Scottish hats, etc, and my daughter has eaten many gears. Please help us recover our characters!