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  1. This has happened twice. I jump into a sinkhole and game goes to the loading screen and never comes out. I was playing on a dedicated server with Wilson. The frustrating part is that if I close the application, restart and try to rejoin, I go straight to the never-ending loading screen. 18 days of camp building gone.
  2. Done and done. Mention your user name and mine in the report. It does seem to be character and/or clothing based. I had been playing as Wilson with suspension shirt, red hand covers, checkered trousers and sneakers (stylish, I know) and saw the crash. I switched to Webber and had no crash.
  3. Removed adventure log and still got the crash.
  4. The wormhole crash happens on any server, whether I create it or not. I've replicated it at least 10 times. Also, yesterday the game crashed on a dedicated server when I was standing by the portal and someone else joined the game. I've even tried deleting the game from storage and redownloading. I still have my saved games and items after that, so I'm wondering if something specific about that cloud/cached data is the culprit. I'd rather not delete it for debugging purposes as I would lose all my items, but if other people aren't seeing these problems, I'm not sure what else it could be.
  5. With the latest patch, the game crashes every time I jump into a wormhole. I've also had crashes trying to enter a dedicated server.