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  1. I followed up on everything, it worked out nice! for mods, i hosted a game, then i pasted the created lua file, from cluster 1(e.g) to my dedicated server folder and it loaded everything nice.
  2. I have a question(new to this), if i follow up on everything here, do i still need installed Dedicated server, from Tools, or i just run the batch file i created?
  3. Hello! When i want to decorate tree, i have option decorate and chop, tho on Decorate, my character(Wendy) crouches and does nothing. I have tried without any mods since they can cause such issues, and without backpack. I am the host of the server, guests can all decorate without any problems. I have managed to decorate just once i think it was 19.12.2016, not sure if you were patching then. Since then i have performed several tests, and hosted several games, still couldn't decorate it.