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  1. I'd like to make a modded character that's an archaeologist, so whenever they mine anything they would receive slightly more of whatever drops they should receive. For example if they mine a gold rock, they would receive additional gold, stone, and/or flint. I'd like the same effect to apply to statues found in the ruins, or anything else that can be mined. I can balance this effect later, additional gem and thulecite drops in the ruins would be pretty OP, I'd just like to know if anyone has an idea of where to start with this. Thanks for your help, FlamingTribble
  2. I'm trying to make a character that is able to ride beefalo without needing a saddle. She would have the same speed as the basic saddle. One way I can think to do this is to change the states of local beefalo to 'saddled,' but I don't know how to local local creatures. This would also add the side effect of other players being able to mount the beefalo as well. Anyone have an idea for this?
  3. Hey, I found an easy solution for this, as I'm attempting a similar thing with m character. All you have to do is follow the beard mod tutorial, then add this code into your scripts\prefabs\character.lua file. Under 'local function onload(inst)' add 'inst.AnimState:SetMultiSymbolExchange("beard", "hairpigtails")' This will swap the positions of the character's beard and hair, then you can simply draw the character's beard as if it were their hair. I just figured this out, so if you encounter any problems, let me know, because I'll probably face these issues too.