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  1. Environment: PS4 1.09, Game originating from 1.08 or earlier Issue: When returning to a saved server offline game after the upgrade, the character thumbnails for the levels came up as unselected. After starting the original world, we had to select new characters, which started from the start point, with initial equipment. All equipment on the character prior to 1.09 upgrade was gone. After disconnecting, the game was saved with the characters, however the data was no longer present. This appears to be a version incompatibility. Expected Result: When returning to a saved server offline game after the update, the entire world is left in tact. Notes: When trying to fix, we rolled back by 1 day to observe if this would restore our characters, but it also yielded no selected characters, and we had to reselect again. Server Playstyle has no choice, and is no longer selectable. Was Cooperative. Server Mode is Offline. We originally had a section that called out that the game was Split-Screen that is no longer present. Server Settings Late Winter Day 174 Game Mode Endless No Server Mode selected Players 2 PvP Off Forest World Forest Presets claims Generic Forest, but has been customized Spring None Summer None Poison Birchnut Trees None Bearger None ??? None Deerclops None Dragonfly None All other settings are standard