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  1. No problem. All we do is start a three player public game and password it so that it's just us two split-screen players that can get on. Odd that that works, but we can't play together on a 2 player, split screen, local-only map. We usually play local-only split screen, but online so we can unlock the clothing as we go. That's what's not working for us just now. Much appreciated with your efforts at this time of year.
  2. Split screen couch co-op still hangs to connect. We will workaround with doing 3 player and a password which seems to get us on. Thanks for the speedy update though.
  3. Thank you. We were playing local only. We can now set it to public, three players and password it as a workaround. The wife and I are not wanting random players in the world. Looks like local split-screen is the culprit for now. Does increasing the player number increase the health of mobs?
  4. Local split-screen seems to stop the players from connecting to the server in the new update. Both of us can join individually, but when we try to join together -- split screen -- we just get 'connecting...' forever. This started for us with this update. Both are signed into PSN accounts as far as I can tell. I understand that was an issue from before.