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  1. 沃利的调味品里蜂蜜和盐的调味料理的食用效果反过来比较好。 蜂蜜直接吃是回血的,现实中人不吃盐会没力气,所以吃盐应该是有力气干活,进而工作效率翻倍 然后游戏里设定的蜜晶调味料理吃过之后是增加工作效率的,用盐调味的料理食用后会增加回血。 虽然饥荒是模拟生存游戏,但如果游戏内容能更贴近现实,我觉得会更好。希望官方能采纳!! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Google Translate: Eating honey directly will restore blood. In reality, people will have no energy if they don’t eat salt. So eating salt should be energy to work, and work efficiency will double. Then the honey crystal seasoning dishes set in the game will increase work efficiency after eating, and the food seasoned with salt will increase blood return after eating. Although DST is a simulated survival game, I think it will be better if the content of the game is closer to reality. Hope the official can adopt it !!