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  1. I thik on the left it's a moon or this is some torches and forks
  2. And if charlie want to use us to do the dirty job for her plan that is to give "them" a new world that is our to play ?
  3. Hey guys just found something one of the things the skeleton says whe he dies is morse code apparently on the wiki and it says "charlie"
  4. I just noticed something ...what the reanimated skeleton try to tell us he is the only one who talks (not counting the pig men ) and he is stutering i don't think is just screaming like a monster , maybe the other forms will tell us more
  5. Guys i would have help for the new biome he doesn't generate i realy don't find it no where could anyone help me ?
  6. I just imagine charlie on her throne with the button for the update realy far away from her and she just use the shadows ...slowly ...very slowly ... i think she's gonna make it ...
  7. I need to say it ...Charlie's know how to make the hype train work ...and also i love her style ...