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  1. I can't wait all this time for Warly, it is a crime, probably gonna freeze myself until he comes out.
  2. What we got: What we needed and not deserved:
  3. I think you misunderstood me, I meant the real Abigail, the one that was blood and flesh, DEAD, BETRAYED BY WENDY.
  4. I can imagine the scene to get the Soul Stone: Red Skull: In order to take the stone, you must lose what you love. Wendy to Abigail:
  5. Do you know any game mechanic that could not be very popular, you use for your advantage and could let us know? For example: If you feed a pig x4 monster meat and kill it, you get 2x meat and 1x pig skin; two out of three ingredients to prototype hambat, also, you can repeat the process to get pig skin without destroying pig houses.
  6. When you make a recipe on Warly's crockpot the food won't be visible once it finishes cooking. You can take it and it's visible in the inventory but on the crockpot it isn't.
  7. I am seriously trying to focus on college and these skins with the Forge release are not helping Klei.
  8. "I am curious to know the reasons behind the development of this ocurrance".
  9. "They" have left the server. Charlie has left the server. Shadow Creatures have left the server.
  10. Hey, got you something better than F, it's: