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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    That's how it really started, but with the pass of generations the legend has changed to become what we see now... Amazing video btw, worth gold. And nice work drawing the back of the antlion, I guess you drew it.
  2. Klei never confirmed a Halloween event for this year, so you should consider the posibility that they will skip it and give you the Forge event instead.
  3. Help for beginners?

    SHHHHHHH! We don't talk about him.
  4. Help for beginners?

    Hello, welcome to the forums, there's no need to feel bad about your base or your gameplay, you'll get better with experience. Let me give you sime tips and data: If you want to get better: no mods. I reccomend playing with a balanced player as Wilson or Winona to learn the basics of the game and get experience. You should spent the first days exploring the map to learn where is everything you will need and to gather important resources (gold, wood, gears, flint, rocks), you can find plenty of food this way and from many sources: harvesting berry bushes and hunting (moles, catcoons, globbers). Also, this is really useful to choose where to settle down your base, I preffer in the center of the map, near everything; near beefalos for protection from hounds and fertilizer or near pigs for protection, fertilizer and gold from pig king. When building base these should be your priorities: Firepit, crockpots, fridge, alchemy machine. These arent very important but you may make them to improvise: sleeping tent, a 20 grass farm, a 20 twigs farm, 20 berries farm (you can shovel plants, replant and fertilize them) and improvised food farms, 4 is good. You can defeat treeguards easily by kiting (hit 2-3 times, run and repeat) since they are really slow, using a spear and some cheap armor helps. For winter you are good with a winter hat and a heat stone which slows freezing, also you can avoid freezing while exploring by burning stuff with a torch and staying close for a moment near the fire. If you run out of food you can mine icebergs and make recipes from it (1 vegetable + 3 ice = rattatouile, 1 meat + 3 ice = meatballs). If you need more tips you can watch some guides at youtube and visit the Dont Starve Together wiki for good information, but I dont reccomend this since it slays the fun of learning and discovering yourself new stuff. Have a nice day and don't starve.
  5. Wow what's the source of this? It's Klei's or fanmade?
  6. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Missed this very rare Wilson head.
  7. I was watching the mobs list in the wiki to make a guess, and I would love her to costume as...
  8. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    He protecc. He atacc. But most importantly...
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Wes' new abilities for The Forge confirmed.