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  1. Congrats! Don't forget to subscribe and activate the notification bell to support the channel, he's a great content creator.If I could I'd play the Hide 'n Seek mod with him and other ocuple of people.
  2. I'm convinced that, somehow, someone at Klei can see the name and have a little shameless giggle.
  3. Found a rare beast in the caves. 100% Legit. No Fake. (Insert clickbaiting thumbnail here.)
  4. Murdering Golden Koi Fishes and Dappled Koi Fishes gives you lucky gold nuggets.
  5. If you put it on your ear you can hear the ocean and get a third grade burns.
  6. Well at least Maxwell won't be the last one... Right? RIGHT?! Nice! Thanks! I actually I'm missing this event and the decorative prizes! Yay! I'm excited for all of the mystery of what's to come, thanks for the open letter klei.
  7. I have recently changed to Terror Shield as my main weapon and I'm loving it. After defeating Celestial Champion for the third time with some friends and getting the Enlightened Crown I had to change Dark Sword as my main weapon to keep some sanity for the Crown's relative permanent light and extra damage and had to ditch the Eye Mask to actually use it leaving me without an armor. I didn't want to use a chest armor because all of them (except for Bone Armor) were not refuelable and I would need to craft them again at some time making me carry more resources to craft them when broken. Also, I don't have the best connection on the dedicated server I'm playing in so the Magiluminescence helped me with kiting, so with the Crown and Magi I needed both a weapon and armor. I once thought Shield of Terror wasn't that great, but after keeping using it frequently I can't think of a better gear for usual surface or cave fights: it's a weapon, it's armor, it's repairable and enables the use of magiluminescence which helps me in kiting, works as an emergency lightsource when I run out of sanity to light the Crown and even gives an extra sanity/minute to get damage bonus a bit earlier. Of course, there are some cons to the Shield, like the expensive risk of breaking it, but I've learnt from the first one I broke and now carry some Glommer goop with me to fix it and I avoid tanking without a beefalo or chest armor with superior damage absorption. I'm also thinking about fighting Twins again because sooner or later I could break it. So these are my thoughts and experience with the Shield of Terror, I knew it was versatile when it was released but never actually found it an use until now. tl; dr: Shield of Terror is good for usual fights; not reliable for boss fights or tanking unless you use more armor and can fix it mid-fight; enables the use of Magiluminescence and Enlightened Crown.
  8. I want to understand how the Winter's Feast Tables' durability and buff duration work but the DST wiki is not very detailed about that. I want to write here what I understand and what I assume so you can correct me if I got it wrong and I'm leaving some questions that I'd appreciate if someone could answer. I will resume what I know point by point so it's easier to answer and correct: 1. The durability of other recipes on connected tables are also consumed when eating alone from a single table? 2. All recipes have a durability of 100% and can be completely consumed after 1 minute of eating from the table... 3. ... and the buff duration is 1 day (8 minutes) for a complete recipe consumed plus the boost of connected tables with recipes... 4. ...this means that the duration of the buff depends on the percentage/time consumed from the recipe? Example: if I ate from the recipe for 15 seconds (25% of the durability), do I get the buff for 1/4 of a day (2 minutes)? And 1/2 of a day for 50% consumed and 3/4 of a day for 75% consumed? 5. Only one player can eat from a single table or others can join and eat from the same table? 6. The health, sanity and hunger points boost from eating with connected tables and/or with other players on connected tables is divided and added to the main points received during the duration of the boost. Example: The buff from a single full recipe is 0.5 Health/second, 10 Sanity/min and 75 Hunger/day, that makes a total of 240 Health, 80 Sanity and 75 Hunger in one day. With a connected table with a duplicated recipe you get an extra 24 Health, 8 Sanity and 15 Hunger making it a 264 Health, 88 Sanity and 90 Hunger buff that you receive partially along the duration of a full day and 48 seconds. 7. I guess tables are considered connected when you build a table parallel to another (to the right, left, up or down of another), but are they considered connected if you build them diagonal to each other? What I mean is: It works if you build them like this...: [x] [x] + [x] [x] instead of...?: [x] - [x] | | [x] - [x] 8. If that's the case, do tables have some kind of circular/squared radius to connect with other tables? That's all bois and girls, thanks in advance.
  9. Pyromancing can wait, orb pondering is crucial.
  10. Someone at klei thought it was a good idea to make the game spawn three rockjaws as if one wasn't bad enough.
  11. You can make shadow hands leave using a Clean Sweeper on the campfire, fire pit or endothermic fire pit they are trying to extinguish.
  12. So. IF BERNIE! taunts hostile nightmare creatures when Willow is insane... BUT Bone Helm induces insanity and prevents nightmare creatures from attacking the player (neutral). THEN you can summon BERNIE! with the Bone Helm without nightmare creatures attacking him? Or will BERNIE! keep taunting them?
  13. If you haven't mentioned it I wouldn't have seen it. I thought it was creepy like something out of a horror movie as the Blair Witch or something in the woods.