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  1. Winter's Feast???

    Bad kids get no Winter's Feast, go to bed.
  2. The game is about looting and gathering, all stuff spawn there is for everyone to pick, there's no such thing as "mine" in the Constant.
  3. I like the new screen, but gonna miss the Forge theme track. Watching the mighty Boarrior wasnt bad, but it would be strange to keep watching him when you cant fight him anymore.
  4. How to get expert decoy as wes?

    While everyone else focus one or two spawn points you can distract one of them, I got it in the first try with Wes simply doing that, but make sure you are near them when they spawn 'cause they will focus anything that is close to them.
  5. You are right, max would be 400$ , and I live in the Republic of Panama but could buy something new online.
  6. 300$ minimum. I used to play with a Toshiba Satellite C845-SP4334SL worth 500$ with: 2.1 Ghz, 4 GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics card. I just want something close and cheaper to what I used to have.
  7. Hello! I want to buy a laptop, and I already have a list of the laptops I could buy with the characteristics I need. Still, I'm not pretty sure how will work the game with the ones I have in mind, It may help if you tell me about your laptop: *What brand and model is it. *What CPU model it has. *What frequency the CPU has. *Graphic card. RAM *And how the game runs in the laptop you described. *I really need to know these, more than the rest. Thanks! Only laptops, no PC's please.
  8. The Forge is Now Live on Steam!

    I'd love a gif of Wilson falling to the ground, it looks so painfull and funny to watch. Ty btw.
  9. Drop Rates (I guess)

    Meh, me neither, I was too excited to sse what I got, but if it helps I got 1 elegant from 8 chests.
  10. No, I just wanted to point that he could have said "meh, aint gonna get no skins in this drop" and lets the chance pass.
  11. Wow, 5 hours and a half before the drop reset, you almost lose the chance to get it. Congrats!
  12. Hmmmmmmm yeah, third here, wanna see champ Wes carrying the other useless characters.
  13. It didnt end up pretty well the last time but I guess its worth losing with em.