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  1. This is so cute. I demand to know the artist.
  2. Just in case the random overheating at the 10th day isn't the problem, here is some info about overheating. If you just want some tips to survive overheating on early game: -Craft a thermal stone (alchemy engine needed), they heat or freeze with firepits and keep you warm during winter or cool during summer and they are cheap and easy to do, just make sure to frequently freezed it or it will break at 0% durability. With this you can survive the whole summer if you do it well. -Craft some cheap clothes to stay cool: straw hat and/or pretty parasol help a bit or go for an Umbrella. -You can cool a bit under a tree. There is more but I want to keep it simple. GL and Don't Starve.
  3. If you haven't solved it yet count on me! Search me as DelroyBM on Steam.
  4. Why three individual logs? How is it different to placing just one and why place three when you are burning just one? Really curious about it.
  5. The game original price is 14.99$ and is 5.09$ in Steam right now for a 66% disccount until the 11th of February. You could take some time to save that amount or more, add the game to your wish list, wait until the next disccount, find how someone can send the money to your Steam account and make your dream true.
  6. Hello! Well, like 3 years ago I deleted my Steam account along with all the stuff in my inventory because I wanted to focus on some personal stuff and I wasn't even able to play DST properly for my low PC processing capacity, but now I realize how bad decision it was to delete it because I really enjoyed it and I had like 3 years worth of curios, so I was wondering if there is some way to get the inventory content back to another account since, unironically, I can't get back the account I deleted. I lose nothing with asking. If you think I can write directly to someone that could help me that would be usefull too. <3 Thanks! (?)
  7. What we got: What we needed and not deserved: