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  1. Im to dumb to do context.
  2. Can anyone make meme out of this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r222hnp9gg0657m/Joel AUGH Greenscreen.mp4?dl=0
  3. This is what i meant by a reanimated lunar skeleton. pretty much the same thing but only in lunar variant. Nightmarefuel bad. lunar magic good. i mean lunar magic should be a thing where you can craft more out of it with safer use and cooler tricks then nightmarefuel. see how glass cutters are almost the same as dark swords besides the no sanity penalty and lower durability against non-shadows. Nightmarefuel is dangerous stuff with strong properties besides Lunar magic that is easier to make but isnt sturdy to handle. therfore i think Lunar island should be a safe heaven against nightmare stuff All well that maxwell. he was the king of shadows (i guess) and it would be very interesting if gestalts hate him because he was in touch with the nightmares. oh yeah sorry mr.not so lore interested. i ment like canary like birds for the lunar island with a blue white light skin. (yes everything has to be shiny white doesnt it?) I do love appreciate and agree some things here and there. sometimes i dont like what you say there. at the end of the day, i hope Lunar island is gonna be a meta thing at the future. (or perhaps not?)
  4. Holy trinity. Assemble.
  5. Wigfrid after her rework be like.
  6. wathgrithr is wigfrid confirmed. but why is she called like that.
  7. it seems return of them is being/getting updated, so i thought why not add my ideas. 1.anti-ruins/magic biome: any kind of magic be it from tier 1-2 and/or from the ruins itself should NOT work in the lunar island. bone helm/nigthmare amulet should not make you insane, one-man band doesnt play, thulecite crown doesnt activate immunity shield. you get it. 2.Reanimated lunar skeleton: activated in day time/dies in dusk time. should spawn lunar blossoms and moon moth wings so lunar items should be renewable. it should look like the forest variant but only more white like and with the smallest horn out of all 3 ones. or turn him into a boss? but after all we need a reanimated lunar skeleton. 3.Lunar birds 4.Lunar charlie like. if you are surrounded in complete darkness you would hear a gestalt voice like and it should put you to sleep forever and hide all stats until you are coverd in light again in wich your character wakes up again. 5.Gestalts deal 10 damage to maxwell (cannot be reduced by armor). as maxwell is referred of "Them" thats all what i can say. what do you think?
  8. Turn Lagg compensation off perhaps? Options, lagg compensation from predictive to off.
  9. Mann vs (machine) automaton (tf 2 reference) Ms.volt goat bottom Chester has evolved into something spidermen is real Made by me and my friend https://steamcommunity.com/id/KingOfCrowbaria/
  10. i'd prefer woodlegs over walani https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/114550-woodlegs-into-dst/
  11. if i somehow feed it with different seeds and then train it, the carrat is invisible and if i pick it up i get someone else carrat. this isnt how i encounterd the bug but yet the carrat training gyms can make your carrat bugged.
  12. Paint 3d always gets the job done.
  13. sure is but for dst its gonne be year of the beefalo mostly since ox do not exist in dst.