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  1. Crabking can be frozen using ice flingo and burning the minisigns placed really near him to start the fight without any changes of his stats even with or without a gem inserted.
  2. Let's see how long it takes for the community to make a distraction emote for dst
  3. suggestion&feedback be like. nothing personal Jrramon_GOLD. every suggestion is 1 ticket to make the game better
  4. At the german train station Müllheim hauptbahnhof. get the deconstruction staff lads.
  5. Wot did i miss. i played war thunder and tf 2. ah yes, confused reaction is gone. Vote to kick JoeW yes / no
  6. I only gotten rotten egg so far. how many points do you need for egg icon and redbird?
  7. "The poor unsuspecting gnaw has no idea whats cooking." 7€ well spent for the gorge garb
  8. I wonder what a skeletons reaction to this be like.
  9. Dst needs renewable mechanics for non-renewable items,structures and others.
  10. Can you draw a boneless bone soup? hopefully i havent been asking that already did i?