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  1. Seriously could you not? have you become obsessed or anything?
  2. Can i advertise my guide for fishing in here instead?
  3. Check youtube for more information. ya might think solo forge is impossible but have you thought solo forge bosses?
  4. Wikipedia, one hell of a big brain place. if it would be that case. i did vote for wikipedia but eh? i cant remember how noobish i was back in the days. i actually refused to play solo in dst and mostly got bored after early autumn (day 1-21) but now look at me. evolved to a veteran at the end of day
  5. yes, you can either be lucky and have 4 mac tusk or unlucky and have none of them. if you happen to have none of then there are 2 very hard optional solutions to think of. 1. ruins rush and kill the ancient guardian for a 10% chance of getting the lazy explorer. if not then consider /regenerate 2. wintersfeast gift mechanic. sleep near the tree and you get these kind of loots edit: winters feast event automaticly happens in dst, if its winter in our real life (mostly)
  6. suggestions and feedback. you people still think its not that popular because oh, general discussion has more chances to get more likes and developers eventually notice it. there is and always is someone who keeps an eye on the suggestion and feedback section so please post there instead. no offense.
  7. The wiki should be our home to share the knowledge of many veterans and help everyone who struggle through the game. however this potential has been flushed through the toilet and is now shuffled by average players/noobs around this game. what a shame. 0/10 terraria wiki is better.
  8. If the whole return of them and other yankee dee is done i'd like to have a competition over workshop characters and see wich one of them can be introduced into the game.
  9. so i tried out the beta of troubled waters and i only could try out of 3 new structures only 1 wich is firepump. its a good structure for replacing ice flingo. the lightning structure could also be a replacement of lightning rod if the boat has slots like sea fishing rod where you could ubgrade it. the dock lighter (idk how its called) should also be a ubgrade for the boat. there also has been a new enemy with food and crockpot recipe?? i havent tested much. these enemies deal very specific number amount of damage 68. i mean im fine with more enemies for the ocean. i do hope that sea stacks have a chance to occur on the coast (cyan color on the sea) so we could plant these things near land and have a extra food resource. i'd also suggest to make them neutral against wormwood players as they are plants.. 4/10. still in beta but it does contain good potential. a bad feedback made by me.
  10. I wonder what a skeletons reaction to this be like.
  11. Dst needs renewable mechanics for non-renewable items,structures and others.
  12. Why do people still dont know you dont overheat at the first 2 days of summer and at the last day of summer.
  13. The problem is the majority is checking General discussion but the mods/devs are probably split up to check different kind of sections so im sure there is atleast one that looks up but cant check every single thing.