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  1. Oh perfect. i've been banned anyways. mediocre server imo. /shrug
  2. But son believe me, i might be more of a commander then a supporter. aand i do love a good food cookin'
  3. Thats why we have science these days kids. its crazier then magic, believe me. Now look im not a scientist myself, but im not sure if there are black flames. not that im too lazy to research, but also you'd have to prove it, pop guy.
  4. Can we lock this post please? @ImDaMisterL
  5. I think the problem is just klei cannot spend their times patroling the servers and babysit everysingle thing that is happening on klei offical servers or others. i met people on discord and they picked up dst a while ago and they play together. thats what you should do too, to have fun in this game. but talking about public servers. its like a gambling machine. you get unlucky and find jerks or you get lucky and find cool people. i do not like to keep talking about public before i get PTSD back in 2017/18. thats all from my side.
  6. Crabking can be frozen using ice flingo and burning the minisigns placed really near him to start the fight without any changes of his stats even with or without a gem inserted.
  7. Wilson, with the ability to change character in-battle by a key combination to characters: Wolfgang (damage) Wx-78 (speed and health) Maxwell (abilities) Those 3 characters resemble perfectly of the 3 stats in dont starve
  8. Like seriously Edit: 2 marbles, no blueprint due to G R I E F I N G. oh the possibilities klei could have done to get the blueprint. trade pigking, craft the blueprint. but not instead just delete it cause why not? and then is the question? why can we mine it? im not making this dramatic but these are just my words im willing to shout out in the S&F forum
  9. Let's see how long it takes for the community to make a distraction emote for dst
  10. suggestion&feedback be like. nothing personal Jrramon_GOLD. every suggestion is 1 ticket to make the game better
  11. At the german train station Müllheim hauptbahnhof. get the deconstruction staff lads.
  12. Wot did i miss. i played war thunder and tf 2. ah yes, confused reaction is gone. Vote to kick JoeW yes / no