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  1. [Game Update] - 368562

    Fourth and sixth sentences are same.
  2. Newcomers will learn skills from veterans. Not only because veterans had longer playing time, but also that veterans are friendly and enthusiastic with newcomers when they need help in game. You can criticize those people who claim to be a veteran. But newcomers Do need help while they die when they said It's so dark.Something bit me. You can't judge people who asked questions about game. Veteran doesn't mean that player is a leader or an elite in community. They always contribute to the game by sharing their experience and achievement. Destroying a character could do a huge amount of damage to Veterans. That is why they stand up and fight for their own interests.
  3. I still think birds should not spawn on the walls. It's a bug.
  4. I agree with it, Chinese player have their own Forum. They have discussion in Chinese. Almost Chinese player even didn't Know there is a Klei Forums here. But some kind of player's suggestion was accepted at this Furom.
  5. The original intention of Forge and Gorge event match was to collect game data. But everyone could browse the leaderboard. That was A big mistake. However if the leaderboard is confidential, None will care about it.
  6. Because that Woodie's remake shows It seems like KLei 's Staff never played Woodie before. As you see, in the new menu Lucy pic is wrong. Oh,That hurt.
  7. Sure. If you don't mind Chinese Language. https://t.bilibili.com/topic/260652/feed https://tieba.baidu.com/f?ie=utf-8&kw=饥荒游戏 By the way I am the administrator of 饥荒游戏吧.
  8. I think that will be very helpful If it can be achieved.
  9. Would You mind Let me translate it into Chinese and publish that on Chinese Forums? I 'll explain that you are the author. Chinese players want to Know different voices.
  10. Woodie Video

    I agree with it.
  11. The Axe handle should be in the metal part.
  12. Know Your Anenemy

    It's so useful ! THX !
  13. If weremoose could eat foods on the ground to get heal. That will be cool.