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  1. Just look that Axe. Is it from The Don't Starve game? The twigs should be in the axe head part. But now it pasted on it. The same error appeared in lucy Axe In last year's Woodie updated poster. I have no right to ask the painter to do better. But I feel that the painter has never played this game before. The style of this update is much different from the past. The painting style is more sophisticated. They became arrogant like murals of Old Ones.
  2. Myth Characters Poster Myth Theme Poster Biome Plants Food Crafts Stove Items Pills and Recharg NPC Boss Flying Skills
  3. Fairy Yutu had entered the Constant with her medicine Pestle. Updatas is coming in Oct. Here is the Blossom and Full Moon Gameplay Trailer. 少女祈祷中… Now loading ...
  4. You could collect enough survival supplies in Rog before go to other worlds.
  5. I get an other way. Fire trees to keep monsters busy. Trees keep fire in 45 seconds. We only could wait one minute to skip whole process . Also I finish that out 3 years ago.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2184242080 You can unlock all character 's crafts after change character by the Celestial Portal with this mod