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  1. Myth Characters Poster Myth Theme Poster Plants Food Crafts Stove Items Pills and Recharg NPC Boss Flying Skills
  2. Say pal, Monkey King and his partners had found one cave with Mysterious Mountain at peach island. Players can find mysterious entrances by completing puzzles. One god had lived here before. Read the Myth Words Book to learn flying skill for everyone. Here is the Flying Skills Gameplay Trailer.
  3. Walter is not afraid of anything, except One-man Band Night Light Dark Sword Night Armor Nightmare Amulet The Lazy Deserter and getting hurt. Did it mean it's eaier to create a new account for a new player?
  4. More details will show up On April 3 (PST). Thanks for your support.
  5. Pigsy was a new character of theme mod Myth Words. He was the Marshal Canopy before and had already exiled. Now He joined to this world and Became a pigman with his Rake. Here is [Pigsy Animated Short] about new character and new peachtrees Gameplay Trailer.
  6. Game crash while Abigail attack the Eyeplant Already fixed this morning. THX KLei
  7. Thanks for your advice. We need to solve the problem at hand.
  8. I don't mind you try it. Well, I could only advise you, spriter is anti-human software. You will freak out before you finish one animation.
  9. We spent 2 weeks time but only got very little results. It's a dirty work to make anim by using spriter. We can't finish all this anim with3 View by 5 step. So We can only give up making this character.