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  1. I was hoping there was a way to fix it but I guess not anymore.
  2. for some reason, I use the mod yet when I try to climb the beanstalk, it won't work, when I spawn in the shopkeeper with console commands, he freezes the game, when I attack a beanlet, it crashes, when one day passes on the ground area, game crashes, any way to fix this.
  3. what is the console command to summon a fungus, I can't find it anywhere, also a known bug is trying to summon a puppet without the puppeteer makes certain things in the game go away and making it incapable of pausing the game.
  4. I wonder if the creatures will spawn as any character or only the special characters in this mod.
  5. man one bug I know is when I try to use the mod, it crashes the game and It says missing or whatever it says, anyone know what is causing this.
  6. the mod works like a charm, yet it will work good with writhe or modded creatures as long as it doesn't crash, which I will find out soon, one bug to note is the command log won't close, no matter how many times I press control + l it won't work, so changing controls is the only way to make it work.
  7. man one thing that would be good as a feature is a new ranged weapon that could fire some sort of projectile besides the flamethrower, like maybe a rock launcher or a speargun if writhe will be shipwrecked compatible, I might need it to take down the hunting party during winter, maybe if this is possible, a kind of fishing rod that writhe can use that would not be as good as a regular fishing rod, it would be cool if this was a feature but sadly, it is not.
  8. how do I get him to punch things, I cannot for some reason.
  9. ok good because if I was incapable of attacking unarmed altogether then it would be impossible to get swiss army guards or greater without unarmed attacking.
  10. how come I cannot attack unarmed, it won't let me some reason, I hope this is going to get fixed since the character obviously has blades as arms, it would be weird if he cannot attack unarmed, also, he can't kill mandrakes.
  11. I need this when im playing as writhe, since he is a bit unique compared to other characters, especially requiring special tools since his hands are blades, and the only way to get a weaponized version of a multi-tool needs a science machine, this can protect me from lethal attacks, yet none of it seems to work at all.
  12. unfortunately, it crashes quite often and I can't figure out how to get on the bean stalk, when I try to climb, it won't let me.