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  1. Also I’m not the only one that sees the face on the twiggy trees right You know what could also be cool if worm wood could tame them but that’s another post for another day
  2. Your right he is very samey with the other guards just a suggestion though thanks for the feedback:)
  3. Like this hahaha
  4. Sorry bout the lack of punctuation tbh I was tired and was too lazy to add them That actually doesn’t sound too bad 1 living log per twiggy tree guard sounds like a good idea actually and in another post there was a guy who said that the twigs fall off the mob every time it gets hit
  5. twiggy tree guard is the weakest of the tree guards boasting 100 health and only dropping 2 living logs but dropping 6 twigs /sticks it will do very minimal damage being 5 per hit the thing about this tree guard is that it is fast almost as fast as a normal player with walking cane and cobble stone floor and it will have a kiting pattern similar to a pig and what makes this mob not too op it can only spawn after day 20 and if its winter its speed is cut to half and it can have 3 twiggy trees spawn at 15% at day 20 and 30% at day 170 the easy way to kill it is to use a blowdart and for the inspect for the characters it would be in the vain of "wow that thing is fast" they will comment about its speed its a goofy suggestion but i think in my opinion it would fit in dontstarve thanks for hearing me out and maybe the stats can be adjusted obviously I made a mock up of what it could look like I should’ve added some more limbs
  6. i constantly get hit by borrilla and then the game freezes and just crashes im not sure what causes it