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  1. Anyone have found the final product?. I really wanna see it!
  2. I think klei is showing the origins of characters who has some deeper lore. I think the reason why they choose to show Willow's origins is because we need that info to understand what's coming next. Maybe an upcoming short (or even a comic) of Willow entering the constant will make sense after the origin's video. Winona's lore is pretty much "I must find my sister" and that's all. We don't need a backstory short of her since it's obvious, also with Wortrox. That's all we need to fully understand them. You know what I mean?
  3. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    I love the Forlorn doll skin so much! I had to! (Hope it counts). P.S. 1 cookie for whoever catches the reference.
  4. About Eyes

    Something I've noticed is the style inconsistency in don't starve universe. Like, maxwell had a full grown body but later he just looks like a kid as a survivor. In game this might be a hint of maxwell's "god-like" status, and makes sense to see him degraded. But also the artwork and the william carter puzzles have this inconsistency. The same happens with eyes, but after several hours of deep thinking I just assumed it was pure artistical expression. Some characters have dots as eyes (wilson, winona) others have totally blank eyes (Wendy, willow), and others have pupils (Wickerbottom, Charlie). And it basically resumes all the eye-types of the DS universe.
  5. Don't starve short film

    Me too. It would be my favorite series/movie ever instantly.
  6. Dissapointed

  7. I can't wait for the new short! damn it! PRECIOUS LORE INCOMING! (I hope).
  8. Klei Weekly Art Stream!

    Quick Glom thingy
  9. I'm glad the "Fire immunity war" is over. I'm so excited for the update!. Damn! That big Bernie looks awesome!. I can't wait to test it!
  10. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    LOL I thought exactly the same after the character refresh topic.
  11. First of all, HI! I see no issue with Willow depending on Bernie or Bernie being the "focus" of the update. Don't say "Willow is useless without Bernie", basically the same thing can be said about most part of the characters. "Wickerbottom is nothing without her books, Winona is nothing without her catapults, Wendy is nothing without Abigail" and so on... So I think that argument is not valid. We must think, since its a survival multiplayer game, on how she can help the others to survive. The actual update seems good but it makes Willow sound more like a "Solo" character. I understand, as fire related stuff is a double-edged sword for everyone is hard to balance, so, I'll let the fire related stuff aside for a moment. Seems like Bernie will only fight for willow and no other teammates. Why not making Bernie fight for the others as well? I think that will fill the "helping others" aspect of the game. Now, talking about the character itself, I think the new changes fill the "I'm a pyromaniac" aspect of the caracter, since she's resistant to fire damage, gains sanity from fire and so on. The only change I would like to be in the game is that fire-related objects (fire staff, gunpowder, etc) are more effective for willow. Maybe they'll last longer (in case of torches and fire staffs) and deal more damage (in case of gunpowder). As a conclusion, I think the character "refresh" is fine in general, it just needs a few adjustments. And please, if you're reading this, be more respectful to the Devs. They do not deserve all this rage-y comments. I'm a willow main by the way. Hope you find my comment useful and sorry if I mispell something.
  12. I want to participate but I have no good ideas... So here's a pensative willow I drew.
  13. Klei servers down?

    For me only klei servers are missing.