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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Stronger Shadow Hands Fire Snatchers Shadow Hand(s) now steal/extinguish ALL the fire from a campfire (or similar campfire/pit) regardless of the amount of fuel the source has, so no more stealing only a small portion of it. (Should also work in caves) Code by: Aquaterion
  2. Thank you Aquaterion for the code, though i have no idea how to actually turn this into a mod (allergic to programming). even after looking at the mod help threads ;__;
  3. Does this means its not possible through modding or just not worth the effort? I would be nice if the shadow hands were an actual threat worth chasing off, as it is now my friend and just keep fuel in hand whenever the hands show up.
  4. Yeah the shadow hand that shows up on an interval number of nights and randomly within caves (or at least i think it is), that takes only some of your fire. I would really like a mod where the hand takes ALL the fire from a source regardless of the amount of fuel. This may be DST specific, but i dont know i've yet to play DS but i know some mechanics are different between the two versions.
  5. Could anyone make a mod that change the amount of fire Carlie takes so that ALL the fire is taken from a source regardless of the amount of fuel currently used? I feel Charlie is literally no threat during this time as so little fire is taken. I'd greatly appreciate it :3