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  1. Seem to be working with chests. Never thought that all I need is return function. Shoulda practice more. Big thank you :3
  2. I don't know if I should create this topic here or in Mods and Tools but the problem still remains. Recently I have created a character and everything worked pretty fine. At the day 230 I decided that it's time to fight toad. After couple of days of preperation I was ready. The cap was chopped. The fight begun. And I lost my connection to the server. I thought it might be my modem or smth, but it happened again. Even after I putted offline mode I lost my connection. One thing that I found is that I'm loosing connection as well as toad performs bubble bomb on my head attack. I checked caves server log and it says that one line of my custon weapon is wrong, but I can't see any connection between bubble attack and no one can pick up my weapon mech. One pretty curious thing. The fight agains toad at the surface works well even tho I'm playing same custom char with same weapon I used in caves. Here I attached my character mod and cave's server crush log. I hope you can help me. I will really appreciate that. I love DST. Bibi.7z server_log.txt
  3. Where I should take and for *anim* folder? I have those in *exported* but its anim and build have XML extension, not BIN. Is there smth I have missed in your tutorial? I'm looking forward for your answer. THX