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  1. creepy pog

    befriending pogs and inviting them into your home will sometime affect their looks as shown in the vid
  2. can we have a option to pay 10 oinc to the miner pigs so he can place 2-4 boulders outside of his house. these boulders can be boulders with nitre, gold vein boulders, flintless boulders, and stalagmites that contain gems.
  3. how do u get the bundlewrap blueprint in hamlet?
  4. i wanna know what everyone's opinion on DST woodie and DS woodie and pls tell me your reason why u like either
  5. Maybe he starts with a egg he can hatch that he can tame
  6. Maybe giving him the ability to craft oinc out of dubblons I would love it if klei give players and streamer the chance to beta test future updates like how minecraft and the 7 days to die devs do to their communities
  7. Make it that warbucks can craft oincs and upgrade oincs by using gold to craft oincs. 1 gold is 10 oincs. For wilba make it that she can befriend tribal pigs in ROG and when she's in sw or ROG she can transform into a werepig. She gains the same buffs like werebeaver and can use her inventory but loses alot of sanity and gets hungry really fast.wilba can also trigger this transformation by eating a monster lasagna outside if the full moon. Can u make it that the mant warrior have a chance to drop bee wax or make a shop to sell bee wax. About beefalo taming would it be possible to make each dlc have their own version of mounting a wild beast? For example rog has beefalo taming like dst. Sw can have water beffalo that can be tame to drag your boat like a tug boat or tame it so u can melee on sea. For hamlet maybe have hippopotamoose be tamed for more of combat on land and sea. A tamed hippopotamoose can do a melee aoe groundpound to help kill off a swarm of rabid beetle, walls of bramble, investation of flytrap and etc.
  8. the DST skin u get each week can be used in single player and what if single player gets exclusive skins that can be used in between dst and ds. this will give players more reason to play single players and multiplayer.
  9. i see Batilisk, so are Batilisk renewable in hamlet cuz i can't live without my cowl plus are walrus tusk, dragon scale, moosegoose feather have a crafting recipe in hamlet?
  10. got deathless for "delusion of grand forge" and didn't got it unlocked
  11. i live in Miami Florida and can't create a server and u can see my problem on my stream on twitch
  12. when u have the key of the city on u it will stop the Hocus Porkusator from activating.
  13. my friend downloaded the beta but doesn't have beta activated on her steam
  14. i got the black room bug and rooms from ruin, temples, mant rooms fused together with the inside of my house and villager's shops DxDiag.txt here's my stream video and ill mark where the bugs happened (5:20, 12:00, 25:10, 01:00:45, 04:29:56 and it continues afetr through out the stream)
  15. i got the black room bug and rooms from ruin, temples, mant rooms fused together with the inside of my house and villager's shops