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  1. Good started on a Sunday, where I bought the game dont starv together and the normal, with the expansion, because when I entered and played with my friend in a sever public we managed to play normal, then we wanted to create a sever ours, but when he created I went to enter the sever signal was "2" and sometimes the sever had a "50" signal, and even then it did not enter the message "Could not connect to server" or "server does not respond", tried to enter a sever public with "50" sign and entered, only in the sever of my friend that does not enter, I tried everything I created a sever of the same problem for him, no problem on the internet, I have account in klei, and psplus account, and even then not works, I will make available images, another detail on the screen of my server appears some servers with signal so "???" , but on my friend's screen there is no such sign. Please help me faster because I really want to play with my friend.
  2. Nao você pode entrar no servidor do meu amigo da próxima vez que o erro e o sonho de tudo, ver uma mensagem na foto a ser tirada, ter um e-mail e uma conta na minha conta, ver sinal "2", e as vezes "50 ", entrei em um servidor americano com o mesmo sinal, no entanto, mas o meu erro de sempre o mesmo erro, mas tentei mas o mesmo erro para ele, na tela de que aparece para que o sinal do servidor que ele criou" 164 ", e outra coisa, na tela dele não aparece nenhum grave com esse sinal" ??? " , ja em minha tela tem esse tipo de sinal.