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  1. Well my statement is pretty simple. Webber is just pictured with closed mouth at the game menu animation. And we do not have the opportunity to play webber like this. He is looking very different ingame
  2. Actually i meant that THIS is how webber looks like in animations, loading screens or skin previews. He has either closed mouth or smile. But you'll never see this in game. Only rare moments when you're sleeping using a roll. Ok it will be silly if he has smile on his face, that will look strange if he will continue smile while getting hit or starving , LOL. But closed mouth could make him look cute. His skins are too similar in my opinion, there are only few that change color. Even maxwell has an "good" skin.
  3. Even after update and dozen skins for webber there is still only evil webber available for game. Not even justclosed mouth. Klei continue tease with pictures of webber with smile face and closed mouth. On the loading screens, character preview, main menu animation... Everywhere he has cute and good face, everywhere except actual game where you will play with that scary mouth. Even spiders themself has smile while decorated and we still have no even skin for that. I remember i even made a mod with webber with closed mouth, however this does not work anymore when skins brought to the game. Actually because of his neat and friendless personality he should have good face by default, and perhaps evil in a just few skins. I thought that webber update will give us this, but it just gave another evil skin... :(