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I'm pretty patient, and I enjoy many genres of music. Although my favorites are, EDM, 80s and 90s rock, misc, and game soundtracks. I dislike pop music.  I enjoy drawing, playing video games, taxidermy, and helping people.

I am a furry and I have two fursonas, but only one of them I use for roleplaying. I don't own a fursuit yet, but I won't use it for "special reasons". I am also a christian, but I may swear sometimes. I am heterosexual, also known as being straight.

I make art on my two threads. If you see my art stolen, please tell me so I can help take it down.

I like Sonic, Undertale, Don't Starve, Transformice, and others I suppose. Those are my favorites tho

If you want to know more, then you can just ask me. I don't bite! unless you startle me.