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  1. If I had to describe myself in three words it would be





    More specifically, Coffee is a black coffee. how it appears sophisticated, and yet it has an unusually simple answer to itself.

    Blood is how I have a sharp, metallic taste, when you first see underneath the top layer of my personality.

    Ink. This one is a bit hard to explain. I feel like it represents my art, but also the yearning I have for companionship. It may taste horrid at first, but will keep you alive.


    For a while.


    People are more than three words, yet we constantly ask ourselves the impossible question,

    "What do others see in ME?"

    It's impossible, because there is no true answer.

    Only one in the whole universe, has the true answer.

    I'll leave who that is up to you.



    Your phsycologically thought provoking author, Fox.

    1. minespatch


      I guess this was on your mind recently?

    2. Starthefox


      A bit. I honestly think about these things a lot, just don't talk about them much. I just like thought provoking things, and deep phsycological thinking. I'm not really into philosophy, but psycology, interests me. I try to figure out myself before questions are asked, so I can respond to those deeply rooted psycological questions easily and efficently. But, in truth, I feel deeply unnerved by my own thoughts sometimes. How I'm used to the usually considered "dark" and "depressing" thoughts that plauge me. But sometimes, I just have a sit and think, and learn something about myself. It disturbs me, but then that feeling passes, and we continue on.

      I don't think this post is really suited for the forums, so I'm probably going to get rid of it.

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