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  1. Hi, I don't know if this is correct sub forum or if this imperfection is still in game, but I would like you to know it... Deed of home ownership shouldn't be clickable inside of houses, because it is not working... I mean it doesn't get map position. So, it think that Slanty Shanty is far away... So I suggest to add safe check, in case of using it in houses.
  2. Stat Penalty System

    I have made mistake in code and had to go second time on the end of the map... XD GetPlater() works as expected... And it doesn't need any deelaying, because item is looking for player not other way around. And I think player has higher priority... because it worked, even if the item laid next to player...
  3. Stat Penalty System

    It's not character prefab. XD You can add it to items too... Yes, but it's portable container like a backpack, and it's fueled and it is depleting when items are inside... No, (face palm my english...) I meant if item is far away from player when world is loading, it's loaded later and if item is in container it's loaded even later... (That is what prints showed) But I guess it's a matter of second, so it doesn't affect much... Yes, it's saves, but that's not a problem... I mean dropping function is based on played position and when there is no player item isn't dropped, but it's lost instead... I was attaching player prefab to item variable, but player prefab can't be saved in variable... This is stupid but in game worked... So I need to take some value from player prefab and save it, then in load I need to find player by that value... But I don't know what I can use... There isn't ID by some chance? Or maybe I should just use GetPlayer() since it's DS and not DST... I tried setting player as a parent of item with entity:GetParent() and entity:SetParent() It works, but this isn't saved either... I want to tie an item to a player.... I mean I need to have access to player prefab from item regardless of whereabouts of item. And that player prefab must be the one that crafted that item... Which means I need some ID of player, but doesn't know what it is...
  4. Stat Penalty System

    OnSave and OnLoad attached to item it's triggering always like you said. In prefab fn: inst.OnSave = onsave inst.OnLoad = onload So, I don't have to override OnSave and OnLoad in component when I can add my own... But with a slow down when it's far away and with more slow down when it's far away and in container... But I guess it will be in time anyway... So, this thread problem is Solved, what about my second one? I don't know nothing about adding items to savedata of map, but I'll learnt it if help isn't coming... #EDIT : I can't get player to save... What I need from player prefab to save that will let me get player prefab after load?
  5. Stat Penalty System

    No, my item isn't equippable... you sugested to not do another equip slot... My item deplete in inventorybar, in container, on the ground; everywhere... So, I can try later adding OnSave and OnLoad to that item and check if it's trigger, and then if it's trigger at the other end of the map. BTW, my item is container and it's drop its content when depleted, but items aren't dropped when map isn't loaded... I mean I didn't checked it with map, but when I put my item on shelf and leave Slanty Shanty, when I'm back after its depleting, it gives replacement item, but its content aren't on ground... Is there alternative code to this: local pos = Vector3(self.inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) item.Transform:SetPosition(pos:Get()) That will gets map pos without player/map loaded? Or do I save these items to map instead of dropping them?
  6. Stat Penalty System

    Nope, I'll override OnSave and OnLoad in components health, hunger and sanity, with chaining original OnSave and OnLoad... I think you can't really attach max player stats to an item, especially when that item can be dropped or put into container... And even if, it doesn't sound right to change max player stats everytime you load your game from an item that can be not close to you, and will not do it... Or do you have a way to push event or load function from item that can be for exaple at the other end of the map. Well, I don't think so, because that item won't be loaded, because map in there won't be loaded...
  7. Stat Penalty System

    For now I'm making mod for only DS... I want penalty system(-some value to max chosen stat) when item will be crafted. And when item will deplete, I want to return that value to max chosen stat. I would like it with blacked stats image, but will do if components: health(maxhealth), hunger(max) and sanit(max) will save values... BUT wait, I just did today overriding onsave and onload is some component, so I will be able to do this or even penalty... BTW, any variable or tags added to item while playing aren't saved either... that is why I needed to change onsave and onload. XD
  8. Hi, did anyone maybe made already system penalty such as Meat Effigy has? Because I need it to health, hunger and sanity... I started low and just used components: health(maxhealth), hunger(max) and sanit(max). But these stats aren't being saved... Any advice, ideas, suggestions, propositions?
  9. Help / Lose sanity near fires

    You didn't even pasted your error... I don't know how it's done, but I just added a minus before TUNING.SANITYAURA_TINY and it worked for me... Local function: In prefab function: inst.components.sanity.custom_rate_fn = sanityfn PS: Local function has to be before prefab function...
  10. [Solved] Item Tile

    I don't know how I missed it, but updating is doing listener setoverflow. widgets/inventorybar: self.inst:ListenForEvent("setoverflow", function(inst, data) self:Rebuild() end, self.owner) self:Rebuild() Ok Solved.
  11. Hi, I have made new item tile, but I can't make it to update itself if some item enters/leaves inventory... Function Inventory:SetOverflow(over), is updating it, but I can't use it... because it have important use... Alternatively I can use it with changing overflow to same overflow...
  12. I mean you said that you just decompiled texture not whole animation... And I'm saying decompile and compile as animation not as texture to check if it will be any difference...
  13. Did you tried this way? Instead of converting only texture, convert whole animation with original anim or if it's lacking it, with that one... And after changing image, compile animation. Then you can take atlas-0.tex and check if it was really problem with texture...
  14. It doesn't work for me... shelfart is just alternative imagename... And like I said: in my case AnimState can't access atlas from my mod. So, animation instead of atlas and texture is my way... Moreover I have more than 1 item texture in texture/animation... Thus, it requires two names not one the same...
  15. I managed to do it in sorf of different way, but it works... So, mister Ultroman, it is okay to overrite it like this?