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  1. Thanks! I *never* sleep in game and when I do there's always a fire going. I was not going to find that out on my own.
  2. What is this in reference to? You make it sound like presents spawn under the tree - is that really a thing?
  3. I agree with the conceptual argument against, but I can also appreciate why it's there. As they add more and more content the structures tab is starting to feel really bloated. I hope they add even more options for flooring and additional quality of life things like mini signs, and as they do the structures tab is going to be less and less convenient to find what you want. I think it would be wise to start moving things like the birdcage and scarecrow up under food too (and rename it 'farm' or something). In my mind it would make sense for the fridge to be under science and gunpowder to be under refine or fight.
  4. I kinda like that it's not under structures. The structures tab is already huge. Since it uses poop and it grows it makes sense in my mind for it to be nested with farms.
  5. Will the festive tree planter thing continue to exist after the event (perhaps without the bow?) I really like the idea of having some potted trees in my base for the longer term.
  6. Yeah, it sounds like he will keep dropping boss items after the event. I think they should add other items to the loot table rather than completely getting rid of the boss items.
  7. Is there a way to get the christmas tree lights from anything other than Klaus drops? I've been killing anything that moves and have only been amassing cookies/cake/canes and have two baubles (one from Deerclops, one from a beehive). Does it all just come down to RNG? If it's RNG does anyone have any recommendations on things with a fast farm cycle?
  8. Loving this update so far. Can't wait to find some lights for my tree.
  9. DST is particularly difficult to balance challenge for because of the variability in player numbers on servers. A lot of DS players chose to play DST solo in survival mode because it's a nice way to gain access to new content and a more challenging experience. A lot more play with just one other person (usually a spouse or besty). Those people aren't looking for an infinitely difficult challenge that appears after x amount of time which is why most of DST's unique challenges are entirely opt-in. The shadow bosses, Toadstool, Queen Bee and Dragonfly are all opt-in fights that you can play the game without if you want to. If the game is going to have prolonged life I think it needs a new area that's accessible through high tier items and has some sort of limit on how often you can access it (new moons?). Something like the final chapters of adventure mode, but filled to the brim with shadow creatures/clockworks. Since there's minimal light in the shadow world the threat of freezing could be persistent as well. For all that risk you need some sense of reward, so a craft station that lets you make 'shadow items' would be a good place to start. Shadow picks, axes, shovels, spears and generally lots of top-tier variants of existing consumable necessities and armors, and an alternative to the thelucite crown/suit. Instead of having a stairway or exit out of the shadow realm, the only way out should be able to escape is with an item you're forced to find/craft that spits you back to the main world's florid postern. I think they could do some really interesting stuff with charlie's nightmare themed zone. The current bosses have items that would help you prepare for a zone like this too (Toadstool lamps, Bee Queen Crown and Green gems from dragonfly), and the shadow atrium would most certainly be part of the recipe to get there. Also holy damn I just realised I want a shadow themed pet.
  10. People seem to be quite underwhelmed by the effect of the Queen Bee hat so as a suggestion: Make it so that while wearing the hat butterflies that get planted are made into dark flowers instead of regular flowers. This will give players more ready access to insanity aura and gives it a simple but powerful effect that's thematically fitting and gives rise to new base building options. A lot of people have flowers in part of their base for their bees, and now you'll be hanging out with your bees more often wearing the bee crown to regen sanity. Definitely sounds like better boss tier sanity regen than the tam o'shanter.