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  1. In forge, will you start in the forge world, or have to pass through the ancient gateway first? because if so, I don't know if I can bother.
  2. I'm confused. My computer refuses to run HandsomeMatt's TEX converter (or at least I think that's whats going on), and I don't even know if they work for DST anyway.I also have no idea if those tool's I'm downloading are meant to be ZIP files, or if somethings wrong. PLEASE HELP!
  3. I want to make a simple character mod, but I don't have one of those oh so fancy drawing pens for mobile, and my devices are so old I don't think there compatible. So all I have is a mouse. And MS paint. And a mouse is IMPOSSIBLY HARD to draw with. And MS paint is the biggest mistake that humankind ever made. So I had a stupid idea that might just save me. I am very good with a pen and paper, so I thought I would scan a drawing with all the stuff on it, scan it, and convert it to whatever the hell DST uses. I thought that this would look nice and fit in with the animation style, but I'm not so sure about it. And then there's the programming. Please give me advice.
  4. Otto's computer freezes because of that stupid windows 10.