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  1. Also cannot switch from Mouse/Keyboard. Is it possible to just edit client.ini to include it?
  2. Trying to play DST with an Xbox One Series Controller on my OSX Monterey. It's working completely within big picture mode but upon opening Don't Starve it only allows me to select Keyboard/Mouse. I've browsed the forums a little and found that I can check my client_log.txt for information. One part says this: ``` [00:00:02]: Num Joysticks detected: 1 [00:00:02]: Enumerated SDL joystick "Xbox Wireless Controller" ("Xbox Wireless Controller"). [00:00:02]: ...not supported, no mapping available ``` So it seems that it's unsupported. Will support be added soon or is there some sort of workaround? I've tried reinstalling, relaunching, restarting etc etc. Is it possible to perhaps spoof the controller so that DST thinks that it's a supported controller or to force it to be set to use it?