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  1. So, I tried loading up my day 1000 world and after waiting an excessively long time for it to finish loading, I'm loaded into the world with a lot of lag. The game refuses to move the character correctly, open chests, etc. The bug, however, is that about less than a minute I'm booted out of the world and slapped in the god damn face with a Disconnect Error. I tried rollbacking, tried restarting the game, loaded other worlds, nothing has worked. I understand the world is at day 1000 and it's rather demanding but it isn't an excuse to ignore this bug.
  2. Being a guest in a server (as in not the host) while in the caves puts you at a high risk of losing your map upon rollback. So far, I haven't found a solution. Not even rollback further would fix the problem, nor relogging.
  3. Following the full domestication (with fur being groomed) of a beefalo, I soon see it starts to present features that apply to a max obedient, undomesticated, wild beefalo. For example, my Rider beefalo would throw me off after about 2-4 or so minutes of riding time. It would also become undomesticated after leaving it (as in being multiple screens away- more specifically, after returning from caves) for a couple of days, despite being left with a salt lick. The salt lick would not be destroyed upon return, so it could not be because of that. This has also happened with my Pudgey beefalo. My Ornery does not experience this problem. The only solution I have found is by taming an entirely new Rider Beefalo, at which point it behaves normally like my Ornery. Pls. Help.