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  1. 1. launch rocket -> complete mission and game crash -> load recently auto save -> not return biological module 2. and command module select -> push 'z' -> game crash 가장 사랑스러운 정착지.sav 가장 사랑스러운 정착지 Cycle 430.sav
  2. right. The thermal conductivity of water and Abyssalite is 0.00144551. But the phenomenon is the problem that is taking place regardless of mass. If the temperature is the same, even if the weight is 1Mt, the effect is the same as 50kg. also The maximum temperature at which heat is conducted is the boiling point of the liquid that is reached.
  3. The temperature of the Abyssalite rapidly becomes heat conduction when it exceeds the boiling point of the liquid. Water, Polluted Water, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Liquid Phosphorus, Mercury included thermo tranfer bug.sav
  4. set operate very high -> other working command -> Set up steel production continuously in metal refinery -> first working normal -> next working nothing! 프레임의 수호자.sav
  5. random game crash. It is often stopped when operating liquid pumps. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180613-19.06.13.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180613-19.02.37.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180613-18.32.40.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180613-18.30.44.dmp SimDLL_CRASH_preview_272945_20180613-17.36.20.dmp 프레임의 수호자.sav
  6. n 불편한 달기지 Cycle 193.sav
  7. Do not you think it is an exploit caused by fix? It is possible to delete indefinitely the heat generated from aqua tuner.
  8. Check Video! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/257585512 Liquid Tepidizer Expliot.sav
  9. already i know can't deconstruction. however, too hard to insulate due to the set piece! and the path that dupe moves is so disturbing! WOW Critter.sav
  10. until crash game. Making New Bug Tracker Thread.