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  1. yeah, i knew about the "never share password" but had no idea about not sharing codes until now. looking back it should have been very obvious, but it was early morning and im not very bright
  2. Got it back! im glad steam support was quick to act on this one, thanks for those wo gave tips
  3. recently i fell for a old scam (link embed) that i didnt know of previously, and remembered the forums exist so if anyone has me added you can remove me or report the account. ive contacted steam support from another account but i dont know if that will do anything. i love this game and community very dearly, even if has been quite a long time since i last interacted. it has one of the best fanbases ive ever seen and almost everyone is respectful, and has been almost the only game ive played for a long time with (now lost) 2.000+ hours on it and a total of i-have-no-idea-how-much money invested on skins im unfamiliar with the forums and stupid for falling for this so forgive me if this thread was pointless. thanks for taking the time to read this.
  4. i'm back! things happened and i forgot to post those here! but worry not, for i am not dead yet! i only realized now that some of those are huge. my bad
  5. i've kind of been away for some time, sorry also, i made a tumblr to post drawings now, i use it more than the forums at least.
  6. that was a... interesting update <3 how will winona be able to EAT tho
  7. yo! thanks @DragonMage156 i loved the drawing <3 could'nt make it to this stream today, but what i CAN do is show pics of the kitty. look at that fella go:
  8. bzzzzt bzz edited a old drawing to make it less gore-ish. old one here.
  9. Palm Tree- "I'd like to sit underneath it with a good book."
  10. Wilson ya doof dont steal candy from others, people Date is on the drawing already so you know its old
  11. shows up late with Starbucks hey wassup Drew this like, on the start of the agricultural update last year or so and edited it on pc today shes cute
  12. one more for the go! this time is willow, taking a nap. *waves* sup! im glad that i got a nice welcome from you guys ^^ u too, DRAW MORE
  13. hey, beeablah typing here. you probably know me(or don't) by jouste's great stream drawing of my username, a bee going blah! i loved it so much its my phone wallpaper now ^^ i dont know how to use the forums that well, mostly because of being shy, but then i thought "why not share some of my drawings here too? i love doing fanarts!" this one up here must be one of my first dst fanarts, for the inktober challange of 2016 where i could barely survive the first days of winter. it was fun to discover new stuff in the game back then then, some stuff followed: ^^this one was made when Winona was first introduced.i was super hyped for her at the time. those two, way more elaborated than the others were made for contests in a dst discord i was in at the time. it was neat because it pushed my lazy way of always doing sketches only, tehee. this one is my most recent yet, and the one that i used more references while drawing it. there can be some lost sketches here and there because i have the bad habit of excluding some drawings that i dont like that much from my computer. some of them are either signed or dated, but unhappily i often forget to put it in them. nice to meet y'all, a big hug for everyone out there :>