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  1. Hello, this time i have a rather wierd issue related to this island in which everytime i go there my game crashes. There is no crash log, the only thing that happens is that windows error "application has stopped working" and then if i go back to the game it resets me where I was on the last in-game save. I have no idea what may be causing this but note that I found this island after the most recent patch which according to steam news is "Game Update 197843 and hotfix 198080 - 11/24/2016". All the mods that I have installed are the same before and after this patch. Here is a screenshot of the area that I'm talking about, as you can see I'm trying to "discover" that middle part of the marsh land using the spyglass, since I can´t go in there otherwise my game crashes.
  2. Hello, so I've been playing on a shipwrecked world for 78 days and I noticed that the puddles from the monsoon never actually desapeared until now, and im already in the mild season again. So i tried to find how to fix this issue and I found a command that was supposed to remove these puddles. This one: "GetWorld().Flooding:SetTargetDepth(0)" which didn´t work very well at all. I mean, the puddles itself were removed but at night they appear again and start spreading all over the island. I'm not sure if it is possible to fix this issue, please tell me if it is or its just a bug that I'll have to live with for now. I have uploaded two pictures, one of them during the day (no puddle) and another one during the dusk/night time (with puddle). Both of them were taken at the same place.