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  1. Heya everyone, I am back for a while! (and I hope I am not too late...uploading at the last moment as always) I liked our new event so much, the carrats are the prettiest creatures ever! My fave is a blue one .w. It seems like Charlie was kind enough to borrow her rats for this race...
  2. Hello my fellow Castle Crashers players Not DS accurate because of deers but
  3. This idea came to my mind right after I saw the first promo art.
  4. Full moon creature spreads the love! Also I decided to make a little continuation of this Rhymes With Play official doodle:
  5. I am sorry about the spoilers but Near, far, wherever you are
  6. He deserves it 1000 times *evil grin* The funny thing is that we finished our arts separately, and when I showed this disaster of my mind to Philin, he said "Oh my li looks like mine's continuation" and it is so true
  7. Let me explain why I decided to make this thing I rarely play as Webber, and yesterday I just learned how I can farm spiders properly, and get everything base needed. So, yes: you are pretty newbie-ish Webber, and you are playing with 15+ people at the server. And you just learned how to farm. Your feelings about this:
  8. I thought otherwise xD I see this meme for the 1st time, haha Nope, I have all of them, but yawn seems to me as... Yawn + maybe some "loud scream to the emptiness" tone + closed eyes not fitting in here well for me (Anyways if you need to photoshop anything meme (or not) related let me know and I'll try)
  9. Can I, can I help? Treeguard: *sighs in treeguard-ish* Birchnutters: *bitey* *bitey* *bitey*
  10. Back to this topic (2) I had this idea since I drew Maxwell not fitting to my other art, and @Russian Philin picked Bearger as Giant here.
  11. Heya, I am back in this thread this time! (And it seems super late, as always. I am too slow) Winona is making a gift for someone special, but someone special is too impatient
  12. I'll be honest, I am very sad about removing Warbucks. Even if he is not THAT balanced, I dreamed about playing as him (I am mostly playing DST right now, so I hadnt enough exp) because I really liked his design and concept, his character is a true spirit of Hamlet, all this treasure hunt, all these Indiana Jones vibes... Nhh, I am truly heartbroken right now, he is probably one of my fave-faves after Wilson and Maxwell. I hope you'll bring him back someday, Klei. I haven't tried out new character - I still don't have enough exp - but he definitely looks cute and I believe you did a great job with him and will balance him even better in the future - but don't forget about Warbucks, please, ok? Even if we won't see him in an actual game anymore, I hope to see some more arts with him or something like this...
  13. When you did in your opinion something cool and even somehow proud of it at first but your regrets eventually crawling
  14. Ok, so this is the place where we can share our screenshots? I think I'll share some then. Just look at this awesome spawn (?????????7how) and confused Wigfrid. She is, she is (P.S. Wickerbottom and Maxwell's singing duo is beautiful. Duo. Yep. Sorry, Wilson, I love you so much but)
  15. I've missed one stream, and super late today... *deep sigh* Oh well. Max-well.
  16. Sonic-merm, huh? SO! I had no special idea for this week's theme and decided to make a little crossover with Sonic Adventure (DX). Great ability to feel treasures near would fit Warbucks so nicely, don't you think? Watch out, Warbucks! You are not the only one Treasure Hunter out there.
  17. I tried to make their eyes as big as possible. Really. :D (To be honest, Glommers are already Funko-ed enough, but I love them) Momma Glomma and her babies. Guess who is the adopted one ^ This one still wasn't Funko enough for me, so I made one more! P.S. Also I think DS creatures' design would be perfect for the Funko Mystery Minis line instead of POPs!
  18. Oh my god your answer is so amazing. Poor Wilson! :'D
  19. He is so, so, so, so cool! +_+ I wanna hug this particular Wilson!
  20. My sanity drops every time I see Mad Scientist Wilson That's why I dream about an exclusive DST Funko. With faithful Glommer, of course! Happy Halloween, Klei! I wish you the greatest POPs sales. You are the best!
  21. I am so excited about DS Funkos! (and here is my art, if it's not too late)