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  1. Greetings and salutations. Though I am a seasoned starver I am new to the forums. At some point I decided that I would do fanart for this favorite game, and now I find I even have an art/rp blog! That can be found at at http://wayward-wendy.tumblr.com/ while my regular art blog is https://casualdraws.tumblr.com/ Here is some of my fanart. It mostly revolves around the lovably morbid Wendy. I don't know how often I'll be posting here but I hope you like what I do! Kill the pig Spill his blood Woodie rescuing me in a DST game we had I cannot wait for the rose skins Thanksgiving special This one is easily one of my top favorites though. It works so well!
  2. Spindlewick's Art

    It had not occurred to me to make a verdant skin. That is a good idea... Unused Fountain of Youth possibilities
  3. Spindlewick's Art

    "Springtime" concept
  4. Spindlewick's Art

  5. Spindlewick's Art

    Sometimes the Sorting Hat has trouble placing a student, other times it decides almost at once.
  6. Spindlewick's Art

    Many experiments lately. This one inspired by the Alice in Wonderland of Lá Studio
  7. Launching a dedicated server in wilderness mod seems to still cause the florid postern to appear and be the starting point for joining players. I have made wilderness servers before and this was not an issue. No change was made to the cluster.ini files, and when checking the game in the DST server browser it is listed as wilderness. Deleting said florid postern causes the game to crash
  8. Spindlewick's Art

    More 80's, but this time including the collaboration art of Famine Friends Willow (@tantum-tenebris) and WX-78 (@inhumanrobot)
  9. Spindlewick's Art

    I like this idea favourite pack animal
  10. Spindlewick's Art

    Not your cute little neighbourhood girl (Wendy, circa 1980's)
  11. Spindlewick's Art

    Princess of the vengeful spirit
  12. Spindlewick's Art

    "Will you play with me?"
  13. Spindlewick's Art

    "I see you!"
  14. Spindlewick's Art

    A bunch of random Wendy doodles as I practiced different styles. One of them was too cute so I had to draw one that was more tough.
  15. Spindlewick's Art

    It is difficult to get internet access in my new home but here is a Wendy. Being awake is no escape from the nightmares
  16. Spindlewick's Art

    The Bereaved Also the III is because she's the third playable character
  17. Spindlewick's Art

    What started off as a simple drawing has ended as anything but
  18. Spindlewick's Art

    Experimenting at making facial icons for those who do RP. Wendy's face is usually the same though...
  19. Spindlewick's Art

    Certainly! I should have mentioned it in the first post. The blog is here My original idea was that Wendy lost Abigail to a particularly dense spider infestation and got caught in the web as she tried to retrieve the flower. Rather than killed the spiders kept her for their leader. She is found not by death, but by one who would become her friend. This version is just a variant that this particular Webber blog liked. Either way you can imagine Webber's surprise (and likely anxiety) at coming home and finding a human girl caught by his friends. An early variant i tried had Wendy looking too frightened. I didn't find it fitting with her character.
  20. Spindlewick's Art

    New in the Kitchen Basically in Gorge I just run around and do as I'm told. Wendy knows the clock is ticking...
  21. Spindlewick's Art

    A friend of mine who also does DST stuff requested F3 from this costume prompt. Wendy is not amused.
  22. Spindlewick's Art

    I have a few different ideas of how Wendy and Webber met. At least here Wendy thinks she's able to make one last literature reference before she goes or, at best, gets turned into a spider herself. I am only drawing this because of a Webber blog mentioning one of those backstories
  23. Spindlewick's Art

    Ah I forgot to add knee scuffs! *editeditedit Sometimes I think Wendy might get freckles because pale child in constant sunlight but then all my games I spend in the caves anyways so...
  24. Spindlewick's Art

    "Is there anything that makes you happy?" surprise hint: the answer was pretty much no survive
  25. Spindlewick's Art

    Everything bores you once you are too numb to care I do suppose... Some quick doodles for an answer to the first ask her blog has received in ages