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  1. "Heehee" When your main canonically has fun but you barely remember how to draw them happy.
  2. In Trouble the girls and boys probably have different ties and the sweater vest is only in winter months. The logo has a mark that individuates each student, but what logo for the school itself?
  3. It only took 67 butterflies and 1 Glommer
  4. Wendy Carter. 3rd grade. Student at Queen Charlie's School for Wayward Souls
  5. Admit it. We've all been thinking this ever since Wes' Gorge skin
  6. When it's a full moon and your dad's a werebeaver
  7. In-game I tend to make her gardening outfit with the overalls, but since Abigail stole that thunder I figured I had to make her Verdant a bit different. thus; pinafort