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  1. "I used to eat these with Abigail..." canon favourite food
  2. Don't give Charlie ideas Back in the Caves Only servers...it took two tries for us all to not die of insanity and starvation
  3. Willow, Webber, Wolfgang, Pupgang, and Wendy continuing to act entirely out of character
  4. Of all the strange things people have thrown at poor Wendy this has provided many novel drawing chances
  5. Abigail's new prowess had to be tested. After single handedly dispatching two spider queens we needed help to survive the endless hoards... Triumphant
  6. The pleasure is mine! Also you saved me in the Wilderness War so....
  7. Not sure if this belongs in memes but just had to draw how our Wortox main experimented with the new Clean Sweeper
  8. as she appears in game. I am overjoyed! Thank you Klei!!