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  1. When Wood-dad won't let you join the Firestarter in a raw greencap fueled psychadelic nightmare-forestfire party
  2. I offer neither excuse nor explanation
  3. Secret Santa for our Wormwood. Older sibling piggy-back ride
  4. "You look new here. Probably won't last the night. But don't worry. Once you are dead we'll give you a proper burial."
  5. In our RP Wormwood ( @TheMelonNinja) always putting a "smile" on my face
  6. Collab between @TheMelonNinja and I over our in game shenanigans.
  7. Carter girl doll. Half of complete set. Irreparably damaged. 50% off.
  8. "I've been forgotten, and now I'm mouldering here..."
  9. Maple Scouts: The girl equivalent and competitors of the Pinetree Pioneers. Walter's scary stories will have a run for their money