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  1. Dose " On the same machine, this must be unique among the servers, but for multi-machine servers, can be whatever. Pay special attention to the value you give the master server, as it must match the value you put in the master_port in cluster.ini. " mean that?
  2. I have solved it. Because of the firewall,thanks
  3. I try to make the MasterPort in Cave's cluster.ini Match the cluster_port in Master's cluster.ini and it dosen't work then I do not math,it also dosen't work I am really love this game and always play with my friends. I have learn how to make it in different server for some days because of my pool English... and these is the Configuration and thanks for your help:
  4. Should the MasterPort in the MasterServer need to be listening? my English ,it's not my first Lauguage