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  1. Thanks! I loved the animation ♥ Really excited to see the Merm King. Also me seeing Wormwood didn't get a halloween skin
  2. I was examining the grave and uh... well that was spooky, considering webber's backstory
  3. I quit the game and when i reloaded i was here with nothing, i guess it was a weird rollback
  4. Well that pretty much. Some things to know: I was low on sanity and with the new character Warbucks.
  5. This happened me in the ruins after changing room. I'm with a torch but the screen is black. Also no charlie warning, so it's not darkness. The map was strange too, idk if is working as intended. And a few things more: -When i pick up poop with bad smell (with flies) in the Pig Village the sound of the flies keep going near the house even if the poop is not there. -The mechanism for entering in the ruins placing things in the floor is a bit awkward and the rock usually keeps going up and down even if i don't touch the button in the floor. -Keep one eye on the pig guards. If i attack them and they are with torchs they usually set theVillage on fire and that's not fun. They should change to their weapon.
  6. PigKingxSpiderQueen is canon