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  1. When aporkalypse crisis is aborted, whole town celebrate your victory. Out of curiosity I went to Queen Malfalfa to see how she would react to this fortunate news. Well seems like she is very happy and she wants to give me something as a reward... but she can't. That's why she is pushing me from side to side. Or maybe she is offering her body as a Wolfgang's nourishment ? Sorry m'lady but Wolfgang ain't hungry for that pork Also a quick side question - Should the calendar icon disappear from the map whenever I exit ruins ?
  2. Yes. Actually mods interfere pretty rarely in game.
  3. Some guy on the forum said that Wormwood is cool with snaptooths, wanted to try it out. And... yeah, he seems to have peaceful relations with them as long as he is NOT carrying any food ! Especialy asparagus. After one Snaptooth Seedling started chasing me I thought it's because of the food I have so I simply wanted to drop asparagus and see if he will leave me alone. And then... this happened. Not once but THREE times in a row. (yes, my curiosity made me try it over and over again)
  4. Edit: Actualy that was a stupid thing to report. Let's pretend it never happened. Sorry guys for taking your precius time
  5. Well let's see if it's gonna work this time (maybe the pun will draw their attention XD).
  6. Did you hear about the guy who invented the knock knock joke? He won the "no-bell" prize! And now let's go to the bug. Looks like equipped lazy forager picks up items on shelves. What's more, those items don't appear in equipment bar but still lie on the shelves and you can't pick them up. The fun continues - if you exit game after this incident and load save, game crashes.
  7. HA ! My calendar also got stuck in exactly the same wayXD
  8. Just as I mentioned in one of my post earlier, I'm playing DS on laptop. (Also I'm above game requirements.) After the last update game bacame more laggy than it was before. Tall grass, brambles, lily pond even hamlet and jungle make FPS drop lower than hell. I tried to disable all mods and start new game but nothing changed. Forcing "vertical sync" and "Prefer Maximum Performance" in (NVIDIA) control panel doesn't help. Looks like some optimization updates would be needed :/
  9. I tried to get out of my house, clicked exit and BAM error screen appeared.
  10. Oh how I love when dark creatures seeking for blood come to my house without even knocking. It's just like christmas Look it's Santa ! And... another one ? Well the more the merrier Also I expected the elves to be a little bit less... "hostile" maybe ? Well I know that I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I wasn't a good boy but HOLY MOLY at least pay the rent if you want to live with me ! (Jokes aside. Those Heralds just slide on edges of your house making them impossible to hit but they still can summon ghosts and shadow creatures. Also they will stay like this forever.) Edit: Aaaaand the game crashed.
  11. I'm not quite sure if that's a bug or not yet implemented thing, but when I was on DS wiki I noticed in Renovate Tab that it's possible to buy Wall Decorations. Sadly I don't have such option because Wall Decorations Tab doesn't exist.
  12. Sometimes shopkeepers just think "OINK it I have places to be !" and starts running towards nearest corner after buying anything. Moreover ! They perform table flip (so they won't be forced to sit again) thus making it disappear.