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  1. .. Originally posted in the wrong section. Sorry! Platform: Steam Mods: No Version Number: Rev. 193934 2016-10-20_12-03-10 12:12:09Steps to reproduce: Describe your issue: Hi everyone, I got this fascinating (it is!) issue with the game: after I exit the Volcano my character appears quite far away from it and the days stated on the clock result doubled (or something like that, math isn't my thing ..). If I check the map at this point, the Volcano's surroundings I explored are no longer showed. I've attached two stamps of the screen illustrating the after-volcano situation. I also get a clone of Packim Baggims, tons of spoiled food and .. A Sea Hound army chasing me. I was dreaming about some kind of Black Hole of Doom surprise. You now, time looks very messed up .. But no. The game is a bit complicated at this point, I just can't leave that Volcano alone .. And the bug keeps repeating itself. Help? Please? Thank you in advance for your kindness.