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  1. my profile is a gamer-free zone

    1. TurtleKitty


      <3 Gay Trans Pride <3

  2. @Chris Snowstorm good day mr chandler

    1. 4 Da LOLs

      4 Da LOLs

      the more times I see your posts the more questions I gain

  3. why


    1. JohnWatson


      ok i checked and this was my fault Please igore this

  4. kourosh moment

    1. __IvoCZE__



      I will just add this to my folder named ''i want die and jesus wanted too''

  5. the only good dst youtber

    1. Chris1448


      Something tells me you got too much free time on your hands.

    2. __IvoCZE__


      Yeah... he does...

      he just sent me brian vore video XD

  6. @x0VERSUS1y I completely embarrassed myself in front of A Chad today.

    I went to Best Buy and this complete and utter 10/10 6’5 dark-haired tanned Chad walked in the aisle I was in. I immediately tripped over nothing but luckily caught myself so I didn’t fall and pretended it didn’t happen. I felt like I was in the presence of a Demi-god. I started trying to change the way I was standing so I didn’t look stupid in front of him. I even found myself squinting to look a little cooler. Then he dropped one of his items and I damn near FLEW to pick it up for him. He said “thanks man” and I did the goofiest smile. I walked away quickly out of shame and tripped again, but I fell this time. I walked out of the store and sat in my car shaking in embarrassment. I hate myself, I hate my life, I hate everything.

    1. x0VERSUS1y


      Oh the fresh smell of cuckoldry early in the morning.. mmmmm! It certainly warrants a milky meatzballs soup to the soy-boy wittol there, at table 69. Bon appetito! *SLURP!*

    2. JohnWatson
  7. merry chrismas


    1. Field Field

      Field Field

      this was supposed to be my christmas present. Oh my god. Im going to cry

    2. JohnWatson


      it belongs to everyone

    3. Field Field

      Field Field

      Honestly, this video makes me really uncomfortable because of Frisk's legs.
      In Undertale, Frisk is basically wearing a onesie. This is because Frisk is a child, they're meant to look like one. Here, though, Frisk feels oddly... Sexualized. They're wearing a little pair of shorts and some cute boots, showing off their legs very nicely rather than having it covered by a onesie. I don't want to look at that. I don't want to have these thoughts about Frisk. I don't want this video.

  8. fied


    1. Field Field

      Field Field

      toby said not to post ANYTHING about the survey for 24 hours... show a little respect... toby give you a game for free and give request of silence black goat john internet forum disrespect

    2. JohnWatson


      i'll talk about Deltarune (yeah that's right i spoiled the title for everyone) whenever i damn (they say this word a lot in-game) pleaseimage.thumb.png.60c80ac8289ffd9f434758956d1c94a7.png

    3. Field Field