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  2. Wendy is too cute.
  3. nome, when will we get Timeless Wizza & Nome Critter skins? Wizza totally has to be a Vargling with Shades. You though... you could be a cute Ewelet B)
  4. Semi-interesting find - There's collars & implanted gems in the Deer anim file. Cruel!
  5. AHHH FIRST REPLY I LOVE YOU VITO Awesome animation as always <3
  6. [Game Update] - 197843

    Maaaaan, I thought this was a DST update when I saw it ;-;
  7. Just when I thought the meme was dead...
  8. Honestly, your spam and useless comments add just as much as the stupid hype comments. There's no need for either of them,
  9. Quote

    Ever gonna update Winter is Here? Please?


    1. MoloMan


      Not that many noticed it so I kinda stopped updating it. But I might post my idea for the caves in WisH, and a character you unlock inside of the caves.


    2. Vargling


      Please do! We'd all appreciate it :D - Would be really awesome to see your ideas realised, too.

  10. Handsome Matt's Tools!

    File not found or no read permission when I try to put the files back in a zip after editing build name...
  11. "Die bravely, little foe!" is the new quote "Die bravely little foe! is the old quote. I think it was intended as "Die, bravely little foe!"
  12. Let's say it all starts at Maxwell. Who/what does he lead to: Charlie (That's one character already linked.) - Charlie leads to Wigfrid and Winnie (See my recent posting.) Wagstaff (potentially his son, I will add more at the end) (If he becomes a character, that's two.) - Wagstaff leads to Webber, Maxwell's... Grandson? - He also leads to WX-78, actually being his creator. - He also leads to the Factory, and my next point. Jack Carter - Jack leads to Abigail and Wendy, Maxwell's nieces & his daughters. The Circus - The Circus leads to Wes, Wolfgang and Wilbur (Who is likely one of the monkeys from the monkey carriage noted in one of the puzzles.) The Factory - The Factory burned down, a weak link to Willow. Old Guy - Charlie mentions an old guy, a potential allusion to Wallace. Character list: Playable: Wilson - ? Willow - done Wolfgang - DONE Wendy - DONE WX-78 - DONE Wickerbottom - **done** Woodie - DONE Wes - DONE Maxwell - Well, he's kind of agiven. --RoG-- Webber - DONE Wigfrid - DONE --SW-- Walani - ? Warly - **done** - He worked on a Cruise ship in Jamaica, that potentially went into the Bermuda triangle? - It COULD be the boat Maxwell used? Wilbur - DONE Woodlegs - ? Non-playable (yet?) characters: Charlie - DONE Beefalo Trader - Nobody knows who he is, so he's not possible. Unimplemented characters: Wilton - ? Wortox - ? Winnie - DONE Wallace - **done** Waverly - ? **Pyro - ?, but he's non-canon.** **Watricia - ?, but she was scrapped entirely.** **Unknown SW Portrait - ?** Not-yet-characters-in-any-way: Jack Carter - DONE Wagstaff - DONE Witherstone - DONE (He is directly in one of the Puzzles. Maxwell owes him a lotta money.) - I personally think he could be the one running the orphanage - But that is a personal hunch, and far from substantial. This leaves out Walani, Warly and Woodlegs, who I will chalk down to being part of SW (The unimplemented characters seem to already have a place in the lore, so Wilbur would fit.) It also leaves out Wickerbottom & Wilson - Sort of interesting how Wilson, the main character is left out. As for Wickerbottom, I suppose it's just a lack of info. If you have any issues with this, please reply with your ideas. Reasons for connecting Maxwell > Wagstaff > Webber Webber's comment on Maxwell's Chess Piece is "Reminds me of grandpa." - Theoretically, he knows him only as William Carter, which is why he would recognise the suit, and not Maxwell. All of his comments on his dad match Wagstaff, a factory owner who worked on precious Radios, and potentially WX-78 (PR-78 and WX-78. It's hardly a stretch, if you ask me :P) If we wanted to go for an extra weak link, Wagstaff's mother would have to be pretty old, making Wickerbottom the only candidate. All "done" in lowercase letters indicate a weak link. **done** indicates a pretty much non-existent link. Wow, that's a total of 28 characters, 26 of which could potentially be/are playable. That's pretty crazy.
  13. The lighter loses 1% when equipped. This can be proven by spam equipping/dequipping, where it will break in mere seconds.