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  1. Misfits: Shadow Man Sam Shipwrecked Shadow - The Shipwrecked Misfit (This guy is the unknown SW silho made into a Shadow character.) Button Shadow - The Info Misfit (This guy is the Button Icons/Player Info silho from DST files.) Unknown Mod Character - The Post-It Misfit (This guy is Post-it Shadow Wilson) Avatar Shadow - The Picky Misfit (This guy is the circle ears default avatar when you're choosing character) Tab Menu Shadow - The ? Misfit (this guy is the one you see on the tab menu of DST) Maxwell Shadow - The Shadow Misfit (Maxwell's Minion) They'll be done in no particular order, and will hardly be the best quality, but it'll be a fun project! Perhaps I'll make some unimplemented character silhos into Misfits too, who knows? (It's basically every unused 'silho' that's not really for a character + some other silho misfits. Not designed to fit in, they're misfits for a reason.)
  2. nome, when will we get Timeless Wizza & Nome Critter skins? Wizza totally has to be a Vargling with Shades. You though... you could be a cute Ewelet B)
  3. I mean, without being hacky and overwriting the files themselves Context: Replacing Wigfrid with Winnie, Visually and - But not changing any of her actual perks or anything. So her bigportrait becomes Winnie Her title becomes "The Shepherd Girl", for example (thinking of keeping it as Performance Artist. A second role!) Her sounds become Winnie's much sweeter sounds In-game, she looks like her Winnie, her hat is a bonnet and her spear is a staff. Perhaps even her strings would be replaced. Like a new character, without the new character! (Memories, eh @Kzisor?)
  4. Semi-interesting find - There's collars & implanted gems in the Deer anim file. Cruel!
  5. AHHH FIRST REPLY I LOVE YOU VITO Awesome animation as always <3
  6. Maaaaan, I thought this was a DST update when I saw it ;-;
  7. Can't wait for this thread to become inactive without so much as a notice.
  8. That's not my point. You can ride a beefalo on the current sea, and iirc can dismount onto land (also onto sea, but that can be patched) - It could work.
  9. Basically, boats would be: Beefalo that slowly kill themselves when ridden (dependent on boat) Have a different speed (dependent on boat) ALWAYS SADDLED (because they can always be ridden) 100% Obedience, always (duh...) Not require food Overwrite ANIM and FSB files Make it craftable Allow crafting on sea Since Beefalo already allow dismounting back onto land, iirc, this is a perfect way to do boats. Hacky? Yep. Would it work? Also yep. Do I have the skills to do it myself (Nope.) If anyone feels like trying this, report back, it would be fun
  10. Honestly, your spam and useless comments add just as much as the stupid hype comments. There's no need for either of them,