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  1. The description should either be changed, or the gameplay should be changed to require privacy. Also the barracks says "single cot" but the description doesn't make any mention of privacy, and the name also implies a shared space.
  2. I can't do anything. Crash 1: SimDLL_CRASH_release_261452_20180403-15.37.16.dmp Crash 2: SimDLL_CRASH_release_262109_20180405-12.47.27.dmp Save: freezemaybe Cycle 25.sav
  3. The food inside says it's 4c, but it doesn't actually cause the food to rot slower unless the fridge is powered.
  4. Also had this happen with hydrogen, which would drop to the point where it liquidated! Didn't get a snapshot of that though. Pulling out all the surrounding pipes and machines seems to fix it, but it pops up all over the place randomly. This seems to happen especially when a pipe intersects a thin layer of water. Also the temperature will stop dropping if you save then the game and reload.
  5. Refined Metal BUG

    Not a bug. Your copper is assigned to existing errands and crusher copper goes into the crusher internal storage.
  6. Infinite scrolling to right direction

    I still get this sometimes and have to reload.
  7. Dump: SimDLL_CRASH_release_260921_20180323-00.19.55.dmp Save: coolhouse Cycle 15.sav
  8. Here's a save. You can see that the small unit of hydrogen in the abyssalite pipe is at like -6c. This is due to the bug. Nothing around it is that temperature and gas in insulated abyssalite pipes shouldn't be changing temperature anyway. bugreport Cycle 4.sav
  9. Hovering over the Goose/Goose statue crashes the game.