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  1. thanks a lot!! i really appreciate it! the sky was really fun to draw; i referenced Cyclum a lot.
  2. For anyone getting the "my face disappeared!" issue in DST: go into hat > scripts > prefabs > hat_bee_bw and change all of this: to this: This fixed the problem for me.
  3. Hello everyone. Sorry I’ve been quiet lately; a lot has happened in the last year. Anyway, here’s some art I’ve made this past week! I think it’s really cool to see how my art has evolved since I initially joined this forum. It’s really changed since late 2016!
  4. The Jeweled Truffle will occasionally spawn in the wall like this. Attempting to chisel it will simply cause the player to run into the wall infinitely.
  5. Wilson sure is apathetic about the filter! And Maxwell seems dead inside as usual.... but thanks so much! it certainly was a long year, but an eventful one!
  6. Another update, almost a year later! They go everywhere with me! They’ve now been on a cruise to Canada, and kept me company for the day I was stuck in the cabin sick with a fever <3 they also went to college with me! It makes having to live in a dorm a little more bearable. PS: changed my display name to match username on tumblr. PPS: Snapchat filters work on the plushies
  7. i was playing with a couple of friends and we can host games just fine, but we get an error when we attempt to join. we get a "Server is not responding" message.
  8. Drew a small comic of Wilson as a child on The Constant!!!! That's Wickerbottom holding his hand and a catcoon that he named Dmitri Mendeleev
  9. I'm trying a new technique in my art where I'm making the line art with vector art and the coloring with raster. Gosh, it's so surreal to see some of my, like, 2016 art in this very same thread. I feel like my art has changed so much
  10. Late submission but here's a comic I made for Christmas!
  11. Drew some more Maxwells since the last time i posted!!! There he is it's the boy
  12. I don't know if this is the right place for this, but it seems I can't create a match. It just says "requesting server" forever- is anyone else having this issue?
  13. I know it's a bit late for cyclum memes but I made a thing and I can't stop laughing
  14. awww, its nice to be back!! :') and I sure did!! I gotta take them to more places around the us now!!
  15. Thought I'd give an update since I haven't posted in a while: they have been traveling as of late! Before I moved to the US I lived in Italy so I could travel to many places, since the airfare is pretty cheap in Europe. One of the countries I visited is Morocco, and while we were there we spent the night in the Sahara desert. We got up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunset. Here Wilson and Maxwell are, watching the sunset in the Sahara! countries i have taken them: -Italy (obviously; I lived there) -Greece (Wilson only; max wasn't created yet) -Belgium (again Wilson only) -Northern Ireland -Ireland -Sweden -Denmark -Morocco -Hungary -England (managed to go to London before we left!) -And now, finally, America i hope to take them to Canada next!! Or Iceland, one of the two But yeah!! They've traveled and I'm proud of them
  16. Some more Maxwells!! (And a Wilson in one of them)
  17. Is it too late to update my art thread? I haven't posted in a while due to being busy and stuff but i i miss this community I wanna revive this threaad also I am now in love with maxwell
  18. Aww can you imagine if all of his friends thought he was annoying :'( my precious boy........
  19. Honestly he probably does! He'd fit right in with that iconic hairstyle! That is adorable!!!!! Omg!!! He probably recites the periodic table too… or pi… what a nerd…
  20. I wonder if, as a scientist, Wilson would ever be down to curl his hair in a Fibonacci spiral hes probably a huge nerd for math
  21. At this point, what is Maxwell NOT disappointed about?? X'D
  22. Sorry! Didn't see your message until now… oh, okay! No, I didn't render or remove any noise for that painting. I did some research on Oxygen not included and apparently it's only available for windows?? (This is based off of Wikipedia so it may be wrong but) if it is I can't get it because I have a Mac :'/
  23. Oh goodness. Thought I had posted this to someone else's art thread and panicked and hid this. Anyway jusf a quick maxwell digital painting that I'm going to use as my avatar for my Maxwell RP account on Tumblr!